Wives' dinner

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Dec 4, 2003.

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  1. Apparently this is very well-attended in our Battalion but girlfriends are not allowed to go - outrageous! Is this the same elsewhere?

    Of course it could be something to do with the fact that some of the blokes' girlfriends are other chaps' wives.
  2. I am not sure whether the Military recognise Common Law wives/husbands or plan to in the near future.
  3. surely a wives dinner is for wives, otherwise it would be a guest night.
  4. Don't get me wrong - this is not the thin end of an argument for girlfriends to be given wives status and accomodation rights etc (although I am sure that will appear elsewhere in this forum). It is just interesting that the one dinner per year which is billed as a 'thank you' for wives does not recognise girlfriends (or boyfriends).

    Of course what really makes it interesting is all the scandalous behaviour (which takes us back to the 'should military law apply to spouses?' debate).
  5. How come all the disgustingest blokes instantly gravitate to here?
    Hello...any single mums about????

    The MOD has changed its policy massively towards girlfriends/partners/samesex bummosexuals et al. To the point where if you get plugged by some cove, your bird gets your pension as if she were your missus, if you can provide proof of 'substantial relationship' - ie living together, rugrats etc. It changed when that poor SAS bloke got whacked in Sierra Leone. Most sensible messes welcome girlfriends hugely - if they don;t the poor bugger's unlikely to ever have a wife!
    If there's crustiness, its at CO/Mess level, and it takes a few grumpy captains to speak up at the next mess meeting. I brought a small filipino boy dressed in a sailor suit to the last dinner night I attended, and noone batted an eyelid. But we're very forward looking.
  6. Does it actually say that you have to take your own wife? Or can you take someone elses?

    I am always up for a party and a chance to embarrass myself.
  7. What if you want to bring your wife AND your girlfriend. I think if you can pull it off, you should have the opportunity.
  8. I almost certain that has happened... anyone in here done it?
  9. My boyfriend has asked me to go to the "all ranks Christmas party” I have seen the invitation, it reads

    OR's and their woman
    SNCO's and their wife’s
    Officer's and their Ladies

  10. That was a serious invitation? That's outrageous!!

    Will it be your 'first time'?
  11. I think perhaps produced with ones tongue stuck in ones cheek....

    For those that are getting confused on this issue..are we talking about the Wives Christmas Dinner scenario where the subalterns are usually forced to turn up in Mess Kit to wait on and be abused by said wives? We are not talking about a Mess "Ladies night" correct or not?

    If so the Wives Dinner is usually shortend from Wives Club Christmas Dinner...in which case ask yourself the question...are you a member of the wives club? If not marry your chap, get to Laura Ashley and buy some horrible clothes and volunteer to the COs wife to be the secretary of the Wives Club, undoubtedly because you are organising the dinner you'll get an invite next year!!
  12. Thanks Bowman - tar us all with the same brush!!! ;)

    (And yes, I do shop at Laura Ashley - it's not all frumpy, you know. Especially when you team it up with a pair of fishnets... - And it's only because Monsoon's gone REALLY downhill... *sigh*)
  13. Fishnets....
  14. An' twangies....... :)