Wives and DIY

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by longlivethequeen, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Having spent the morning hanging wall paper in my sprogs bed room and doing a dammed fine job of it the wife has walked in and said it looks pants it does not match. Fine look at it all the patterns on each sheet they match up what’s the sodding problem I says well the tops don’t match ahhhhhhhhhhhhh they never will you stupid cow. Well after an hour’s shouting match no should I say screaming from her temper takes over and hubby rips all paper from wall. Does not bother me she paid for it £15 a roll ah ah , Then the cow says I’m sorry you were right this is after the telephone poll of all her mates. To late bitch it’s not going to happen.
    Anyone else got a nit picking wife or ex that when you do something it’s never right

    :x :x :x :x

    20 years ive put up with the shrew id part exchange the cow but its hard to find a replacement when you are a crip
  2. me lol

    shelf in bathroom - she says thats not level i say it is and produce a spirit level - bang on then she says, bubble must be wriong - fort it a wah till next day she brings a new spirit level home jus to check
  3. F*ck. I thought this was going to be about porn.
  4. My bold - I was having a bad day till I read that! :rofl: As Harry Enfield said before he stopped being funny, 'Women, know your place!'...
  5. Took some leave last week to paint the window frames - there I am balancing precariously from a ledge doing the upstairs windows when my mobile rings. Paint brush now between teeth - "yesh" says I - wife replies, while you're outside would you hang the washing out - me losing the plot responds with "can it wait till I return from hospital" - wife retorts - don't get at me, it was you who wanted to do the windows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. And you didn't take the opportunity to send her into town to find a new bubble?
  7. she wud have prob found one too lol
  8. I've taken the precaution of labelling it 'Do It Himself'. That way she doesn't bother me as it's my business. She can get on with the job of earning half again what I do, and everyone's happy.