Witnessing minor supermarket theft. What to do?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Issi, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. This is pretty trivial in some respects, but it really pisses me of when you see people taking food from the shelves, munching on it as they walk around and then hiding the empty wrappers on another shelf.

    I recently saw a respectably dressed middle aged chap, go up to the pick 'n' mix and fill his jacket pocket with Brazil nuts (of all things - they're minging!) and then grazed on them as he continued to shop.

    So, is it worth bringing this to the attention of the staff/security or would you just be inviting trouble?
  2. Have you considered dressing in leggings, donning a mask, and cape when you go shopping? You could run round Tesco like a superhero apprehending all the villains.

    Or, getting a life?
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  3. Are you the only one who saw it? If so you should have taken a handful of something yourself.

    Alternatively you could post about on the internet.
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  4. Film him on your phone then blackmail him into letting you stck it up his missus's jacksy while she is tied down. No brainer really.
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  5. I normally just say put it back you cunt when I see shoplifters in action and I'm quite happy to make sure they do and fuck off.

    I am a slightly larger uglier sub species of homo sapien and they always fuck off.

    I fucking hate thieving
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  6. Mug the cnut,,you get less time inside for mugging than you do for shoplifting...
  7. So are telling me I cannot wander round Carrefour tasting the fresh produce before I decide to buy? If I cannot taste it, how do I know I like it? I actually ask the assistants for a taster and they are quite happy to oblige!! Trouble is most UK supermarkets are crap compared to mine and staffed by mongs, don't even get a discount on bulk purchases!! Buy a whole outer of a product here and you get 15% off the shelf price.

    Do not get me started on supermarkets - rant over
  8. I hate thieving from people, cash etc, but stealing something that costs fuckall to a company the size of Tesco?........couldnt give a fuck.
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  9. Advise an assistant. Ultimately, shops will make up their losses by increasing their prices.

    In most cases, it's unlikely that the shop will be able to do anything on that occasion as the laws regarding catching a shoplifter (or muncher) require that the thief is observed taking the item and is continually observed until he/she walks off the premises without paying. But if it's a small enough shop, the staff will be on their guard next time the thief enters the shop.

    Don't approach the thief yourself (unless to make a passing light-hearted comment e.g. "Are those nice?") or you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

    Oops! Didn't notice it was the Naafi. Make him spit them out and put them back.
  10. Report them to Werewolf, he'll behead them in the carpark with a katana.
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  11. Personally, I d have the nut-munching Store Detective arrested
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  12. Just pass quietly to the staff that you saw this guy eating their nuts and he looked ill just like the one you saw last week who flaked out five minutes later on a nut allergy! Then leave :)
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  13. Get a jar of honey, go up to the guy and pour it in his pockets. Honey nut brazils are ace!
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  14. I'm not saying that it's fundamentally wrong, if for example, you are buying grapes and want to try one before buying a bunch, but I consider that this is somewhat different to 'trying' a can of Red Bull from a multi pack and then ditching the empty in a different aisle.
    Smudge67, I'm going to take your advice and rob a new Ford Focus from a local dealer, after all they're a big enough company, it's ONLY 1 car FFS!
  15. Go covert like VanHelsing and spend all day hiding in the veg section, dressed as a potato. You'll have to shit in a bag but you can stick a 'Rustlers' label on the bags later and flog them to recruits.
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