Witness to Bloody Sunday is found shot dead

Police are investigating the death from gun-shot wounds of a former Army sergeant-major who gave evidence at the Bloody Sunday inquiry.

Michael Norman, a 62-year-old former Regimental Sergeant-Major in the Coldstream Guards, who was an experienced marksman, was found in his green BMW car on Sunday, April 17.

He had wounds to his abdomen from a shotgun that was found in the car, parked in Feltham, west London. He died shortly afterwards.

The incident is being treated by detectives in west London as an "unexplained death".

A principal line of inquiry is that Mr Norman, who is thought to have left the Army in the late 1980s, took his own life.

Detectives, however, have yet to reach a definite conclusion. Self-inflicted gun-shot wounds to the stomach are thought to be unusual.

Mr Norman's involvement in the Bloody Sunday inquiry into the shooting by British soldiers of 13 people in Londonderry in January 1972 is said by police and inquiry sources to have been peripheral, though as a former soldier he was allowed to give his evidence anonymously.

It is believed that after his tours of Northern Ireland he continued serving in the Army and played a role in training marksmen. He is said to have played polo against the Prince of Wales at the Guards Polo Club.

Mr Norman was married three times. His second wife, Fiona McNab, who lives near Warminster, Wiltshire, said: "Personally, I find it impossible to believe that Mike would have taken his own life in that dreadful way.

"He was a trained marksman and a game shot and I can only believe this was some terrible accident if no one else was involved.

"I don't know much of what he did during his active service. I do know that he was held in very high esteem by the senior officers of his Regiment and was acknowledged to be a soldier's soldier. He was a fine man who served his country well."
That is dreadful news.

I'd be obliged if no one commented too closely on this case, for obvious reasons. Let's wait for the coroner.

RIP RSM. Condolences to his wife and family.
Condolances to the family.

Tin foil hat on: will this be ruled suicide à la Dr. David Kelly (paramedics say there wasn't enough blood to be consistent with death in this manner, & he'd only taken 1/3 the lethal dose of coproxamol)??????

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