Within a meter of the PM, A2 in hand, mag on...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. True.

    Lst night the PM stood right in front of me, a meter away; I had an A2, magazine on... do you know what I did?
  2. Sadly miss?
  3. Thought you had a stoppage, then realised you hadn't loaded your mag with rounds?
  4. Presented Arms?
  5. You weren't that Rifle Sgt at Present were you?
  6. bottled it!
  7. ta daaaa!

    Must admit your gang played a jaunty tune...
  8. You smiled at him and followed it up with a hearty career laugh?
  9. I was the same with alex salmond not so long ago. I would have shot him but pity stayed my hand, "its a pity ive got no bullets" i thought to myself.
  10. As you were told perhaps?
  11. You decided that the stupid cnut of a PM isn't going to win the next election anyway and you prefer freedom (relative) to gaol. Unfortunately that other cnutt Cameron will be the next PM, which is almost as bad. Maybe if the two were lined up it'd be worth it?
  12. He might have been with someone important who was/did.
  13. presenting arms to that cnut would be humiliating
  14. slipped a wet finger up his whore of wifes arse?

    or you pointed your rifle at him and shouted "oi brown you fat c*nt"
    as he looked round you pressed the trigger resulting in a hollow clink noise! then you shouting "see this is the problem you need to sort out,not enough f*cking bullets"

  15. btw CQ... it's Sjt :)