With the Taleban in Helmand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. No chance if you are looking for press empathy in a difficult situation forget it - even if they are embedded their job is to find and make public bad news - because that sells and makes profit

  2. I found this piece of journalism rather shoddy in terms of balance, and not what you would expect from the BBC. It is almost as though the Taleban press officer approved the copy. It is not far off glorifying the Taleban as brave, anti-corruption, patriotic freedom fighters, rather than effectively as invaders themselves, with a particularly brutal form of oppressive fundamentalism, responsible for widespread murder, destruction and subjugation. A few lines on the 'achievements' of the Taleban regime would not have gone amiss.
  3. That's a bit harsh. I thought it was a good piece of journalism, not least because he attempts to explain why the Taliban are having some success. Far too often we hear that they are bloodthirsty ruffians motivated by dreams of paradise, but he describes the realities of government corruption and civilian casualties which must also play a part.

    David Loyn is a very experienced and brave journalist who knows Afghanistan well. I wouldn't dismiss his views out of hand. Needless to say, he has spent time with the British forces too.
  4. Fair point - but the narco-economy & fear are surely equally important in providing support for the Taleban, and no mention was made of these or other factors which would have placed them in a more negative light.
  5. As has been said in the other thread where this is posted (latest in afghanistan), this journalists TV story is on newsnight tonight 2230. could be interesting.
  6. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    A day with the Taleban.

    In a war, there will be colateral damage, but these damages are overblown by the terrorists to indicate how ruthless the other side is.

    The ruthlessness of the terrorist vermin does not come to mind with the common villager since that would mean a bullet through their and their families head!
  7. Terrorists? I'm not sure. They are Pushtun tribemen that fight against foreigners that came to their lands, are kiling them and their children and even call them terrorists.

    Even Soviet invaders didn't call them terrorists. A word 'dushman' was invented to denote anti-governmental insurgents.
  8. I think you'll find more then a few of them are foreigners from Pakistan and Cheznya and as such i'd call these terrorists. I agree with you that the Afghan taliban are not terrorists. They are also a very worthy foe and brave men, whether Pakistani, Cheznyan or Afghan.
  9. I remember a day of Soviet invasion in Afghanistan (I was a student then). Pravda (main Communist party newspaper) wrote (with its usual idiotism) about foreign 'counter-revolutioners'. But later during 10 years of Soviet occupation I don't remember even one article in Pravda about captured 'foreign fighters'. Taliban hasn't any problems with manpower. Maybe there are some foreigners among Talibs but I believe very, very few (if any).

    Anyway, I don't remember even one article in Prav... err The Daily Telegraph about captured foreigners in Afghanistan.
  10. There are many foriegn fighters in Helmand at present. It is a well known fact that one stipulation in the ceasefire of Musaqala was for the Afghan taliban to stop foreign taliban breaking the ceasefire. We also killed and captured foreign fighters from Pakistan and Cheznya.
  11. Just watched Newsnight - what a load of rubbish.

    FSJaeger, whilst You were over there, did You do a village over when going in to arrest a suspect - when there were no Taleban in the village. This is what the Newsnight article would have us believe since it didn't bring the Taleban to task over this. It also claimed that coalition aircraft bombed innocents when again there were no Taleban in the area.

    The reporter concerned reported what the Taleban told him as fact and without apparently asking any questions about the Taleban statements. Crap reporting, crap!!!
  12. I have just watched a ten min 'cut' from the BBC prog on the world service TV.
    Highly biased towared the Taliban, but I will suggest that if the reporter Mr Loyn wants to continue the 'relationship' which he says he has had for years then he needs to be seen as sympathetic to them.
    Not a fair honest view of events.
    Upset these boys and skinned alive is order of the day.
  13. Maybe it is true, maybe no. Who knows. As I pointed out previously there are not evidences.

    Including you personally? How many foreigners have you captured?

    Pushtuns live on both sides of (artificial from their point of view) Afghani-Pakistani border. Many Pushtuns live in Afghanistan this year and in Pakistan that year. So you can freely declare almost all Pushtuns as foreigners on their lands.

    It is the most interesting point. Has even one Chechen fighter captured by British forces in Helmand? If yes then you have an excellent possibility to please pres.Putin. He (with his usual idiotism) insist on his invention that Chechen conflict was instigated by 'international terrorists'. But it is purely internal conflict (with deep historical roots).

    Btw, there were foreigners in Chechnya. There were reports about Algerians, Jordanians, Palestinians, Ukrainians, even one German was captured. Dead body of a prominint field commander Jordanian Hattab was shown on TV. Apparently two Arabs were among Beslan terrorists. By contrast there is no any information about foreign fighters captured in Helmand.
  14. The 10 o'clock news on BBC1 had a bit last night on the Taleban -i must say they didn't look very Tactically defeated to me, just the opposite.