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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wm1965, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. This sounds gash-tastical. I was reading an excellent ARRSE comment about how saluting infringes on human rights (well duhhh obviously). Anyway IIRC - and this is a distant memory - before 1911 the British Army would salute using the hand which was opposite to the origin of the officer being respekt'd. This comes from 1950s Encyclopedia (remember those..the ones with pages).

  2. But what happens when you are being approached by 2 officers from different directions?

    HC Deb 24 July 1918 vol 108 cc1795-61796
    §18. Mr. GILBERT asked whether it is proposed to issue to the Navy and Army any new Regulations as regards the saluting of officers by men; and whether anything will be done to stop the unnecessary saluting of officers of all regiments and branches by men of the Home and Dominion forces in London and other large towns?

    §Mr. MACPHERSON An Army Order was issued on the 1st July abolishing the left-hand salute, but no further Regulations are in contemplation.

    SALUTING ARMY OFFICERS. (Hansard, 24 July 1918)

    You'd have thought the Army had better things to worry about in July 1918...
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  4. Unbeleiveable!

    Good vein that Hansard quote, I found this from 1940:
    The Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Education (Mr. Ede) ...Then I went to a secondary school, and there I was instructed for one half-hour each week by the sergeant instructor of the local Volunteer regiment, who gave us the same drill that he gave his recruits. We learned the right hand and left hand salutes as if they were really the most important thing in the physical improvement of anyone coming up for instruction.

    I can't find anything else though, all saluting history seems to skip from knights showing their faces to right-handed RSI.
  5. Alternatively shouldn't the forces accept that we are now in the 20th century and adopt a new way of respecting officers. Initial thoughts are a high five accompanied by a wasssssup SIR may suffice. Although having recently listened to a radio 4 programme on male bonding a full body hug would seem equally valid.
  6. A synchronized hand twitch should suffice. Might freak the visiting Hon Colonel to see his men are all masons too.
  7. Might want to check the lag on your messages getting through
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  8. Rimmer out of Red Dwarf had a good one, although a bit showy.
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  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    More like a variation on the world famous Gunner officer salute guaranteed to impress RSM's and the rest of us mere proles.
  10. Just noticed :

    No officers or men in the RAF?
  11. I always thought a left handed salute is acceptable (and has to be done) if the right arm is incapable (injured)?
  12. When did officers start getting respected?
  13. Still is, so far as I know. As I understand it you used to salute with either hand depending on which side the officer was on until 1918 when it was changed to right hand only with left if you've broken your right arm.