With the economy goin to shreds can i rejoin the army!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AndyWD, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi i have just left the army and am finding it very difficult in civvie street and wish to rejoin the army, but my official leave date was just under a month ago , i was not discharged for any disciplinary reasons, i left of my own accord because i wanted to spend time with my son but in time i will barely be able to support him, i am just 22, and cant find work as i wasnt able to pursue and educational commitments due to my old units operational commitments in afghanitstan and iraq, i my self served in Northern Ireland and Iraq was rear ops over herrick 8, my biggest hope was to join the RAF but they told me i had to wait a year before i cud enlist, but can i re enlist into a different corps or cap badge as i do not wish to go back to my old unit as i wud like to start fresh in a different trade to work toward my future and my son. please help! :?: :) :?:
  2. Welcome to the site, Andy. I am sorry to hear that it hasn't worked out.

    However, are you sure that you want to rejoin? You left the Army for a reason and you must have given one year's notice, and been interviewed by your troopie, RCMO and your OC.

    I suggest talking to your local ACIO. They will be able to tell you the current rules for joining another Corps. If you rejoin reasonably quickly, you will come striaght back in without having to complete Basic again.

  3. It happens alot - we get re-enlisters at Phase 1 that wish to join a different cap badge, but Litotes is right. We all know about the job security the forces offer, but will you want to leave again when you don't see your son enough?
  4. Why not go along to your nearest TA centre and give them a try.
    I am sure everyone finds it difficult in the first few months and with the economy as it is life will be even harder.

    The TA will give you some much needed extra income, and the team spirit you probably miss.
    It is also a great way of meeting people and extending your network to increase your job options.

    Family is very Important and as a poster above said you did leave for a reason., If it still doesn't work out then I am sure at your age you could rejoin anytime
    Best of luck
  5. Well thank you all very much for your advice thus far, i will proceed and have a chat with my local ACIO, i think it would be a good idea to try the TA or a different corps within the army, i think i can put my mind to my career now that i know what the outside world has to offer, which is very limited as i have experienced over the last month or so, when i look for a job all thats on offer is pa jobs and engineering contracts and so forth that you need to study for 4 -5 years to really get going, i dont think i want to live on minimum wage in a shitty job, but all in all my experience of civvie street is going to end, as i am adamant to rejoin. another reason why i left was to join the RAF as tranfering from my old unit wouldn't work due to the poor manning, as others have tried before me the top brass has deliberatly lost there paper work and when they asked how there transfer was going they would reply with i dont know, or i regret to inform you letters. i know i wont see my son as much but at least i will be able to support him, thats just as important.
  6. Just make sure that whatever decision you make is the right one. I always find it hard to believe any ex-forces guy can't get a Job. Even if it is flipping burgers or stacking shelves. It is still cash and make use of all the benefits you are entitled too. You might not like the idea of doing these jobs but it is easier to move up the ladder once you have a foot on the bottom rung.

    I can't believe I am trying to recruit for the STABS :) but if you join a corps it would go some way to training you in a trade which could lead to a better Job.
    If it still hasn't worked out after 6 months go ahead and apply for the RAF, Which is your 1st choice.

    I fear that if you rejoined now in desperation you may regret it and stuck there for another 3/4 years.
  7. Know how you feel mate. I've been out just over a year, finding it difficult to settle in in civvy street. There really is a difference approach to doing everything in my opinion! I'm thinking about marching into the ACIO this afternoon!

    Thing to remember though, the Army is a way of life and not just another job. You have to take the things that go with it, unfortunately that means making some sacrifices with family and friends. But there is one thing about being in, you've always got a bunch of mates with you wherever you are in the world that will always be in the same boat as you.

    As the rest of the guys said, don't just join back up because it's an easy way out, massive decision mate.
  8. I have spoke to the ACIO and within 5 - 6 weeks i will be going into phase 2 training as a HR clerk, i think it would suit me to the ground as im a computer literate and i used to share a room with a lad in the AGC a few months ago, he is now in lekenfield doing his driving courses, so happy days im going back to the army starting fresh. thank you for all your awesome advice.
  9. Excellent news. Good luck fella.
  10. You mean to say that you have rejoined to work all day on JPA????

    Mad.... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: