With the Army 2020 plan, will there be a competition between regiments?


Army 2020 states that:

Challenger 2: QRH, KRH, RTR

Scimitar/FRES: HCR, Royal Lancers, RDG

Jackal: RSDG, 1st QDG, Light Dragoons

So for future recruits, would there be a favouritism, especially with only three tank regiments? Would recruits want to vie for the three Challenger regiments or maybe the 3 scout regiments? Would there be a smaller interest in applying for the Jackal regiments?


It's the ORBAT fanboi, all over Arrse like a rash, with info usually two weeks after everybody else has posted ...
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Unless you can put rotor blades on top of your big gun and armour without a weight penalty, you are going the same way as the horse. Get used to ceremonial duties while you can. Bye

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