With regard to buying a tax free car

Iam stationed in germany and I want to buy a car in the uk tax free and also trade in me old banger for the scrappage discount, has anyone done this or knows if it is possible.

The reason i ask is because i would like to get the scrappage discount also which i cant get in germany.

Thanks in advance :)
Unfortunatly you will not be able to use your old banger if it has been bfg'd already. I tried with mine. But the old small print proclaims that 'the car you use to trade in will not qualify for the scrappage scheme unless it has been uk registered for 12months or more'. If your car has not been bfg'd yet then you will be able to get half the scrappage, the part from the government, but not from the dealership as they will say you have got your tax off and made substansial savings that way so will not give you anthing more....but try begging a few extras for the car (usually for your headlights! lol!) xXx
The fact that you are not paying the Tax on the car should not affect the discounts available.

Do not tell the salesman that you want it Tax-Free until after you have come to a deal. This is a simple for that the Dealer has to fill out and costs them nothing. There is no reason why you cannot qualify for the scrappage discount so long as your car is over 10 years old and that you have owned it for at least 12 months ( and its UK registered)

Do not take any shit from the dealer that you are getting a good deal and therefore there is no discount. The way that the current econmic climate is no-one will pay windscreen price for a new car. So haggle my friend.

My next door neighbour has just bought a new Audi A4 and got a cracking deal, so if Audi are giving discounts then everyone should be.

Good luck.

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