With all the cuts in the SDSR, what cuts are being made to wasters on benefits.


Not completely up to speed with the UK and the massive debt that needs paying. With cuts to the current claims and entitlements within the Army, which may I add are not too bad, what about the benefits paid out to the workless or should I say the refusal to work workless.....

Are we going to see still more stories of the lavish life styles these people lead with big 60 inch TV's, holidays and flash cars. And having news stories of some poor single mother mitt 15 kids in tow and a drugged up boyfriend complaining that the reduction to 25k a year in benefits will put them on the bread line.......

Rounds Out awaiting incoming ;)
Those on Incapacity benefit will now have to prove much harder that they are disabled.
Housing benefit is to be reduced to a minimum.
While child benefit will be left only for the families on the lowest income.
And as 2Two just said those on jobseekers benefits who've not found work will be expected to pitch in for community service.
Thats the changes in a nutshell although there are a lot more technicalities
I actually have quite a bit of faith in these proposed changes because heading up these reforms is Ian Duncan Smith a former Scots Guard and as far as politicians go he seems a good sort.
The systems fucked. Lost my job in 2009, went to jobcentre asked about a job on the computer, I was told you have to be unemployed... wait for it..... 18 fucking months before you can apply for it. Steps to Work they call the scheme.

Exactly how would that have helpred me get a job at that time.

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