Witches & Druids in the Services

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tango, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. A (non) story I found on the Daily Mail website, still makes for interesting reading though. Link

    It gives figures for the 'minority' religions in the MoD, including:

    30 Wiccans
    60 'Spiritualists'
    50 Rastafarians
    30 Witches (I've known more than a few who might be classed as such)
    and 100 Pagans.

    I remember reading something about a Satanist aboard a submarine, and I know of one person who claims to be a practising Satanist in an Army unit. I'm just curious as to how these people fit their beliefs around their Service life. For example, does the Army grant those who class themselves as Wiccans, the holiday of 'Samhain' (Halloween) the day off?
  2. Any mention of us Druids?
  3. You'll probably find that many of those who put offbeat religions down do it to be 'clever'.
  4. Harry Breaker Morrant claimed to be a Pagen, just before they shot him
  5. Intriguing that the statistics are rounded up/down suggesting a distinct lack of detail.

    I have probably told this story before but it still amuses me. The link is clearly numbers and minorities:

    In 2000 (ish) the RN encouraged sailors to be open about their sexuality. HMS Cornwall and HMS Invincible (I think, but I may be wrong) who were in our theatre, sent signals relating the numbers of sailors who came out. Cornwall: 1; Invincible: 13. The joint commander (Army) bod where I was working replied to the signal: "Recommend transfer of 1 sailor from Cornwall to Invincible to balance manpower".
  6. I agree some soldiers will put anything down for a laugh. My own experience was in basic training a mate asked me which was the best religion, I promptly said R Catholic. A mate had already told me that the priest just let you sleep for an hour when you went to see him for church whilst sending the Permanent Staff outside.
  7. While in Juniors we all went to confermation classes as the Padre was a right Piss head and used to take us into Weymouth to attend the classes at St Marys church, just up the road from the "Sailors Return" a pub I still frequent when fishing from there, all went well untill the RN shore patrol found a minibus full of drunken 15 year olds
  8. Liar. You mean a cartload of 15 year olds. :)
  9. The Army had it's own Coven for several decades, it was called the WRACs.
  10. Harry Morrant was a pagan? Well f*ck me old boots eh?
  11. The WRACery in Bovey used to kidnap virgin Junior Leaders for sacrifice to the God Lesbos, honist,
  12. Yea Its a Non story
    I'm not sure about the Druids and Wiccans ect but as for the 300 "Pagans" it really depends on what kind of Pagan they are.A service person worshipping the Anglo Saxon traditions or the pantheon of northern European gods would not have an issue with leave or days off as during the conversion the major Christian holidays were celebrated on the same day as the old "Pagan" holidays and once the conversion was complete the worship of the old gods was simply replaced with Christ but the traditions of feasting celebrating and gift giving/receiving carried on. a service person of this branch of paganism wouldn't have to worry about the the old chestnut of "if you change your religion your not going on Christmas leave and you can go on guard"because you will be going on Yule/Eostre leave instead.

    As for the rest of them I have no idea I assume it would be days here and there followed by the deep joy of Easter/Christmas duties
  13. knew somebody who tried to change his religion to pagan.
    had to convince a padre he knew what it was all about failed miserably even with help form the padre ended up with extras cleaning the church :evil:
  14. I'm interested to know how Wiccans follow the Rede and in particular how they fit the Three Fold Law in with service life and the prospect of doing others harm.
  15. no Jedi Knights in the army?