Witch Hunt: Identify this Student Protester

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Scavenger, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. Branching off from the main thread discussing the student protests, I'm utterly disgusted by this photo. It's not often I get outraged by something in the media. Aside from all the photo's of students attacking the statue of Churchill, Prince Charles' car, and everything else, it is this one photo that hurts.

    There is so much wrong with what she did, but in summary, it would be akin to me, being upset about the forthcoming rise in VAT, crimping one out on her mother's grave. I bet she goes to Oxford or Cambridge, and mummy (if she's not actually dead) and daddy pay for everything. I bet she's lead a sheltered little life, and maybe even has no idea what that flag and the monument its affixed to stands for. But luckily she's been caught on camera, and now we have a chance to bring these facts to her attention.

    So, given the success of some of the ARRSE walthunters, I wondered if we could put our collective skills and contacts together to identify exactly who this model student is so that we can provide the information to the police and perhaps even the media.

    I accept she may not be a student, but at the moment, lets assume she is.

    I say fetch the pitch forks, fire up the outrage bus, and unleash the waltfinders. Who's with me?

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  2. I'm curious as to what your going to do if you find out who she is?

  3. Yah, feed some of the guys on here more raw meat. What she did was wrong. What the ******** who pissed on the Cenotaph was wrong.

    So was cavalry charging on horseback at kids who had **** all to do personally with that shit. I don't think either sides actions yesterday were applaudable. A plague on both their houses.

    Besides, that flag was made in a state-run sweatshop in China for buttons by some other poor wee wean, so it should be cheap to replace.

  4. How about, I don't know...

  5. Well that's a bit harsh and very final. Wouldn't you want her to at least suffer a bit first?

  6. And you would be the first to volunteer to put the bullet in the back of her neck, bnp? Just as long as you couldn't see her face.
  7. The photo I saw was a guy pissing on the statue of Churchill.

    'Cavalry charging' is rather emotive terminology. The coverage I saw was a slow canter of a dozen or so horses a few meters into the crowd to disperse them (which they did PDQ) and, according to the TV presenter allow the police line to reform, which was in danger of breaking. Seems to be justifiable enough to me.
  8. Oww i do believe I forgot myself, very ******* slowly, presumably on a webcam, to a mass audience.

    I know I'm stealing some ***** thunder, but everybody would watch it at least once.
  9. Why the back of her neck, surely seeing the fear in her eyes would be better, no.
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  10. Its a shame the top third of that flag wasnt tefloned for a good comical exit
  11. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I wouldn't watch it.

  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    As I've pointed out to you before, you are talking utter balls. Stick to sitting in your armchair and staring at your goggle box.

    As for the girl; there was a hell of a lot worse damage done yesterday, including an attempted assault on The Prince of Wales. I'd say that finding those culprits was a far higher priority than looking for some brainless idiot who was playing at being a female Tarzan.
  13. Luckily she does not look foreign, let me get my coat & warm up the outrage bus...
  14. Cavalry charge is what I called it at the time I watched it on t'telly and still do. However you describe it, it was a gang of thugs in blue uniform and robocop suits wielding clubs and leading their horses into a crowd that contained sixteen and seventeen year old kids. Would you justify if if one of the kids in question got crushed to death by one of the police nag's hooves?
    You know, I am scared that you probably would do.

    The police and those who stick up for them will disagree but frankly I give as much of a **** for their opinion as they would for mine.

    I have never participated on any demonstration. Quite frankly, the ones against the War in Iraq or Afghanistan or against the Israelis during their last run in with the Pals and the Lebanese had me wishing that someone would just clusterbomb the *******, but these student demonstrators and the reaction or overreaction to them by the plod has made me think on the subject and reconsider my stance on the whole standing in the cold for hours shouting at cops thing.

    Perhaps there is something worthwhile in it after all.

    Congratulations, Met and City of London Plod, you have made me a believer.
  15. Gremlin, allow me to reply to you in the same way and fashion that you did to me. **** you and the police nag you rode in on. I have a right to my opinion as much as you do. So stick that right up your arse and smoke it, old bean. Stop acting the internet hardman and accept your will will be challenged.