Wispa Chocolate Bar is back, why not the Golliwog on Jam ?

Should Robertsons Bring back the Golliwog Token on Jam ?

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Was talking with mates this morning about things that our kids will never see / taste / eat etc.

Struck me that the general public managed to get Wispas back into production. What do fellow Arrsers thing about bringing back the golliwog ? Certainly not in a racist way but as a historical return to artwork that was so British and reminded folk of our colonies & the strength of the Empire.


I've got hundreds of those little badges in a tin somewhere... They'll be worth a few bob in a decade or so- that is if I don't get arrested for possessing racist propaganda first!
The way society has gone these days the Golliwog will never return.

I for one hope that it never does because like H_J I also have a tin of the badges and 3 Golliwog dolls that I'm going to give another 10 years or so before they go on ebay.

If it returns in the meantime the value will lower.

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