Wishing to Join UOTC, but previous relationship may ruin it for me, Help.

Discussion in 'OTC' started by KRWC_28, May 2, 2013.

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  1. I wish to join a UOTC next year whilst at college as my ex-gf did, but i'm worried that the hard feeling that exist between us could jeopardize my chances at a decent OTC experience.

    I can only say we hate each other now due to the fact that she was disloyal, a cheat, liar and a bully to others. I am worried that if i Join the OTC she will stir the pot and create problems for me, any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Man up and join. If she causes problems for you, the instructors will notice.
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  3. She is a manipulative c**t though, i'm not worried about her being a bitch i'm worried about her making aqccusations that could cause problems for me especially when it comes to joining the police after the army.
  4. O dear....(passes a tissue)
  5. Go for it, don't let a previous relationship affect your future career options. I assume you will be in the same unit? If not, no problems - if so, if she really is a cheat, liar and a bully then wouldn't these traits show themsleves to her peers whom I would hope, would be intelligent enough to form their own opinions.

    I was UOTC myself so PM me if you want any help mate. Snakes...tits.....the usual :)
  6. See my original post. Let her cause all the shit she wants to, it'll be her who comes off worse. If you're that worried, make sure that when you join you mention that she's your ex and that she doesn't like you.

    Or just join your local TA unit instead.
  7. Time for your morning ****?
  8. Actually you know what **** her, she doesn't like she can jump, and well if she makes accusations, she will be exposed to being a liar.
  9. That wasn't difficult was it? Just join, you'll be up to your nuts in UOTC clunge in no time.
  10. I'd go for it if I were you.
    After all, it's not like you'll be leading anybody into harms way is it?
    You'll be pinged for the utter hermblouse that you are the moment you open your gob.
  11. If she's a second year, she'll hardly be in a position of responsibility.

    Moreover, if she's as much of a shit as you say, likelihood is, they've already rumbled her.
  12. That's not very deep if what she told me is true...................
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  13. And who do you think she is? UberMong?
  14. Not sure. It was dark, we were young, we were drunk, we were carefree, I'd joined the back of the queue....................

    Quick tip. If you bite that quickly in Internetshire don't bother rocking up at any TA or UOTC unit. You'll get slaughtered in person. Let her crack on with playing soldiers. Was there a Synchronised Swimming Society table at the Freshers Fair? I'd give that a go.

    Edited to add: The very fact that you just PM'd me like a little child proves my point. You aren't grown up enough to be in the UOTC.
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  15. Mate this is a forum, the idea of a forum is to ask questions, get a reply and then discuss. Which is what we are doing.UberMong if your gonna make an accusation, grow a set and spill the beans, **** shaft, otherwise everything you say is invalid