Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Muttley, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. Wish you all the very best this christmas....even the E3's :lol:
  2. Thought my wish might warant at least a reply :( :( :(
  3. Muttley your good wishes are much appreciated at this festive time of year. It's a great pleasure knowing that we can spread goodwill and happiness with a simple greeting to our fellow man. Christmas is such a wonderful time for families to get together and mine were together as i left for the pub.......................
  4. Muttley.

    All the best to you from the sunny Bronx in F & B.

    To all a Merry Christmas and an even Merrier New Year

    Remember though.........Dont give the goldfish stuffing............And if you're gonna pull a cracker........Make sure you use a condom.
  5. Some Pork and Stuffing anyone?
  6. Good wishes to everyone - and for those of you with kids(or just are kids !) heres some christmas eve fun.
    enjoy - happy christmas.
  7. Best wishes to all in the AAC, and attached personal.

  8. Thanks CTC and the same for you!
  9. very merry crimbo to all....and a even merrier new year when it arrives.