Wish we were Israeli ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ancient, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Just been watching the bleeding heart BBC news wimpering over the loss of life in Gaza, and a large part of me says " Go get 'em Perez " . Hamas and their supporters deserve a good kick in the arrse . If your neighbour continually threatens you and tries to hurt you and yours , and refuses to respond to any kind of reasoning , at some stage you must lose your temper , go round there and give him a good slap .... and make sure he remembers it for a long time .

    Much as the loss of civilian life is to be regretted , many of these civilians actively support Hamas and should be dissuaded from doing so .

    Israel warned it's enemies that this would happen .

    Wouldn't it be nice if our own government had the same guts and determination when threatened by it's enemies , both abroad and within .

    Or is that too much to hope for ?
  2. I said something in a thread the other day to effect of: It's about time this tit for tat war ended one way or another. Get it over and done with.
  3. Fair comment Smudge . But if the international community keeps it's nose out (for once ) this will be over . Surely the IDF , with overwhelming firepower and professionalism will sort Hamas out PDQ .
    Which will teach the other gangs of arab thugs to behave or suffer the consequences .
  4. I'm pretty sure that the IDF would level Gaza, and all that dwells there if they had the opportunity.

    It's all well and good being "world Police" but sometimes you just have to let people get on with it. If this doesn't get sorted out (well it hasn't in the last 40 years has it?!) it will just keep rollling on and on.
  5. Nobody likes an Arab, it's true. Nobody likes an out and out bully either.
  6. Why oh why is this never an acceptable excuse for the Pals?

    I don't see the behaviour of either side as being any better than the other, but the effects of the IDF behaviour are grossly disproportionate to the effects of the various Pal sides' behaviour yet they get off scot-free in so many books? Feck off. A dead civvy is still a dead civvy, even if you do pass them off as collateral damage.

    A plague on both their houses. Lets nuke the bloody place ourselves, just to teach them that if they can't share the ball neither of them gets to play.
  7. Yer on there, Smart, yesterday I heard the Israelis saying something along the lines of "We are punishing these kers because they are using weapons they have obtained from Iran against us". Fine, if that is the case, and in the statement they mentioned Hizbollah being similar recipients and users, why not take issue with Iran directly? Scared, eh? As far as I'm concerned, I love both sides equally, ie not at all. I do love kids, not in the Gary Glitter way, having a couple of the finance-eaters meself, and people who destroy their lives are scum, never mind their political/religious distinction. A plague of genital lice upon the wives and girlfriends of all involved in this inhumanity.
  8. Ouch. I've just been smacked in the face by ancient's huge amount of naivety.

    But since this is the NAAFI, and therefore no place for a sensible answer, I say Nuke 'em all.
  9. I have nothing but respect for Isreal, they have had enough and have opened a huge can of woop ass.

    Scrofula, what planet do you come from, I'm honestly baffled every time you post. Do you have a degree in wafflology?
  10. Funnily enough, that's the EXACT logic Hamas is using to justify their side of the argument.
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Says who?

    On an unrelated note, have the BBC coincided their schedule to offer moral support to Israel druring their Final Solution against the Palestinians?

    Anne Frank Dramatisation on at 1900, now the 'Secret Diary of the Holocaust' at 2240. Odd.
  12. As a matter of fact I have a PhD in Selective Substance Abuse, (special training and research into Central European brews, often homemade), but that's beside the point, yes, I'm completely loopy, by some peoples' standards!!!
  13. The Palestinians were minding their own business until somebody came along and kicked them out of their own country at the point of American supplied guns. Or has it never occurred to any of you to wonder why there are people called Palestinians but no country left called Palestine?

    As for what good guys the Israelis are, we're talking about people who run bulldozers over young female peace activists and shoot inconvenient photographers through the head. They're bastards, they're the offspring of bastards and I can't believe that any decent man, let alone British soldiers would offer them a shred of support. These are the scumbags who deserted from the fight against Hitler to hang British servicemen and booby trap the bodies. And you're waving the flag for the cnuts! You call yourself British! Have none of you ever heard of the King David hotel?

    Here's the straight truth. The last time the British Army came up against the Israelis we ran away from Palestine because they were too tough and clever for us. The US Navy ran away after the Israelis killed their sailors on the USS Liberty. And you sneer at people in Hamas who fight on for their country with their bare hands? The Palestinians have got more guts than you'll ever be able to scrape up.

    As for nuking them, the Israelis are reputed to have five hundred nuclear warheads. My bet is that a hundred are aimed at Mid East targets and four hundred at Europe. Because if Israel ever does go down the tube they'll revenge the holocaust on the way out. You think they've forgiven and forgotten -- the Jews!

    What the Americans and the Israelis are doing is driving a billion Muslims and control of the Middle East oil fields straight into the open arms of the Chinese. In exactly the same way that Latin America is wide open to Peking because America is hated from Cape Horn to Mexico.

    And when the Chinese army comes marching through Pakistan you'll have all the opportunities in the world to show what big tough bastards you are. Lots of luck.

    This isn't war. This isn't fighting the Waffen SS or the Japanese. This is shooting fish in a barrel.
  14. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    You sir, are a rabid and raving lunatic. Have you considered Euthanasia?
  15. littlejim is a mental case for sure.