Wish me luck.

So, just paid a visit to the ACIO, got my rail warrant sorted out and I'll be at ADSC Pirbright on Wednesday morning, looking to join The Rifles.

I do have one question: when dealing with NCOs, am I to address them as sir, or by their rank?

Anyway thanks for all the tips and advice so far, it's finally down to me and I don't plan on disappointing.
by rank, call them sir if you dare.
Will do, on both counts. I've been training pretty hard, got my average 1.5 miler down to about 10:15, 6 chin-ups, I'm pretty confident on the weight tests, so long as I don't have any medical dramas then I think I'll be ok.

One Chevron: rank is Lance corporal, but called corporal
two Chevrons: rank is corporal, called corporal
three chevrons: rank is sergeant, called sergeant
three chevrons with a crown above: rank is staff sergeant, called staff (or colour if infantry)
anything else: called Sir.
But you will be taught this early on so dont worry about it too much.
Thanks very much again, unfortunately I have one more question:

Would it be more advisable to show up at Brookwood in my suit or PT gear? I'd like to make a good impression since this is basically one big job interview.

Cheers again folks.

*Edited due to a typo*
Mr.Brown said:
All sorted then, just bought myself a flash silk tie to go with it.
Quite a few turned up in suits when I went.
I turned up in Jeans, T-shirt and sparkling white trainers - This is only because I didn't want to risk ballsing the 180 quid suit up. I bought it the day before I left :)

Up to you, Suit seemed fine as you did have time to get changed.
You won't go wrong in a suit, first impressions and all that. But as far as I can remember back, it didn't matter too much. I can't even remember what I wore at my ADSC and I did okay. I've never heard of it coming down to if a potential recruit was dressed smartly or not.

But either way, good luck and have fun. You seem to have a good attitude and fairly fit so I imagine you will do great.
I just went in a different shirt and suit pants, didn't wanna mess my suit up for final interview by missing my mouth with food or summet :roll:

If you think you can safely avoid any "misshaps" then suits a good choice :D
Good news lads, passed with flying colours and I'm bloody pleased about it. I didn't do so well on the heaves (only managed 4 on the day for some reason) but I made up for it on the back strength and static lift tests, the jerry can carry was easier than I expected, and I got 10:08 on the run so all in all I think I did alright. I managed to get through the two days without getting myself in trouble which was encouraging, but the phys made it pretty clear how much work I still have to do before I'd be ready for the CIC, especially on sprinting (it always takes me a while to speed up) and upper body strength. I wound up changing my first preference back to the Royal Irish Regiment on the advice of the Major who conducted my interview, so now its just a matter of waiting to hear from the ACIO and sorting out dates, I think that I'll try to get some time, since I'll miss 1 R IRISH's deployment to Afghanistan in any event, and it definintely seems like a good idea to be as fit as possible before attempting the CIC.

Anyway thanks again for all the tips guys.

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