Wish me luck

Off to the knee specialist on Wednesday, physio thinks I might have torn ligaments in both knees.

Woopy Doo. :x

Half a grand for an initial checkup, god I hate africa.
braveheart said:
torn ligaments in both knees at one time? what happened?
Was a rower years ago, I think a musular imbalance plus slight pronation weakened my knees, I've had problems for ages and I started running alot a few weeks ago and... yeah
BOTH knees?! Oy! I fcuked the cartilage in my left knee and that was bad enough. 8O

Good luck, mate. Get well soon
hmmm the idea of torn ligaments in both knees from the way you've described it does sound a little fishy to me, however ive no doubt that muscle imbalance/pronation can cause problems because of the abnormal forces going through the knee etc (a joint that has to deal with a lot of force anyway)

the reason im saying it sounds a bit fishy is that ligaments are strong things and usually to tear one you have a pretty distinguishable 'mechanism' of injury such as twisting - which makes it unusual to have both knees at 1 time without a pretty severe event... so its worth bearing in mind they might not be as bad as you fear. If you'd torn ligaments in both knees youd really know about it but see what the specialist says and let us know!

Wish youa better Luck so that you might not be having much serious problem and will recover much faster be ack as you earlier used to be. Your body is directly related to your thought's,so be stronger at your though.

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