Wise procurement decision?

Just on FB....

The Ministry of Defence is investing £46m on 51 new Foxhound patrol vehicles for soldiers serving on the frontline in Afghanistan.

Very mixed comments in response, Ranging from applause, through "about time", to "too late, waste of money".

They're doubtless needed, but if we assume that the 46m is 46m that would/could have been spent elsewhere within procurement (not a foregone). Is it a "smart buy"?
Is there owt else could we get for 46 million that would directly contribute to fewer casualties in ied attacks ? I cant think of any off hand, but I'm grateful for input. The sooner we can get them out to Afghan the better. If we hang on to these vehicles and not bin them the moment we leave Afghanistan, then IMHO its an ever better buy. Any place we get involved in hereafter will involve ied's, mines etc, so it would be good to have kit ready from the off rather than waiting for UOR's to kick in.
On current planning, end-2014 isn't 'one out all out' but the end of combat operations. The commitment, which will include training and mentoring, will continue; the better the vehicle, the better to protect. However, agree with the sentiment above; shame it isn't 31 Dec 14, last man out remove the lightbulb.


Naturally they will be the target for a clever and penetrating info campaign, like JAM etc on TELIC.

Along the lines of 'please leave us alone, we are going home. Please. We will give you money.'
Yep - we should have waited until we'd pulled out of Afghanistan to buy more to equip our over-resourced army, which will be swimming in cash post-2014...
Foxhound....spent most of its initial period in-Theatre outside the Wksps in Bastion still trying to sort the faults that cursed it during the trials. The vehicle of choice now outside the relatively "safe" area of Bastion is Mastiff. So i would be surprised if this is balling around the ulu outside OULETTE! I was one of the original supporters of Foxhound when i first saw it at DVD but when they say if it looks good it usually is, well it went slightly off target with Foxhound. Foxhound was always wheeled out for VIP's to fawn over and look in awe as it raced around the x-country circuit at the back of Bastion.

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