Wise leaves Leeds

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Going to the staff at Newcastle.

    Comments from Yorkies then?
  2. Ya well.. run of play lately has been shite... I think the Doncaster at home result was the nail in the coffin - he's only a third rate manager anyway

    I know he clawed back the 15 points sharpish but the Players saw the injustice in that without a manager pointing it out

    Got to say the standard of Football in the 1st Div is appalling - you watch a premiership game on TV and then a Div 1 game - miles apart I'm afraid!

    Leeds Leeds Leeds
  3. Never mind comments from Yorkies..here`s one from the Geordies...

  4. I thought the thread was going to be about clever people moving out of Leeds, which is understandable ;)
  5. Whats his role going to be at Newcastle ?

    Teaching dirty tactics and brawling (little mans syndrome) are his only spec Quals really.
  6. I believe he is going as Joey Bartons life coach :)
  7. Appointing a new manager shouldn't be too hard, considering there's a guaranteed medal in it for whoever steps up to bat.
  8. Just a quick one, thanks for the 3 points... it should have been 0-3.

    Fair point about the standard of football in L1... shame we wont be suffering it next season.

    Fair point about wise being 3rd rate though!

    Rovers till I die!
  9. Nahh strong armin Kev aka Egon as in where's Egon now!
    they'll need a strong man......to carry the can when saint Kev does one cos he can't take it from Alex and co..
    'He'll love it if they get beat on saturday' hahahahaha........
    COME ON BORO!!!!!!!!
  10. I've been thinking that, he wasn't good enough and he's jumped before he was pushed.

    The better fitness and Poyet probably helped wipe out the points.
  11. Yipee .......

    BREAKING: Dave Bassett leaves Leeds United

    Dave Bassett has left Leeds United.
    Gwyn Williams, the club's technical director, will take charge of tonight's match.
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Southend 1 Leeds 0

    Well done Gwyn... :D
  13. Looks like Gary McCallister to take on the role of Manager. Not sure it's am improvement?!

    Two fingers to everyone if Leeds manage promotion this year, although on recent form, not looking good!
  14. ^Should get better but how long before it does, play offs?
  15. They can have the little cockerny sh*te. Smith Milner Viduka anyone else they want?