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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by apache-ears, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Just curious. I'm a civvy so would be a civvy dentist but what's the procedure for getting wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic.

    I am a COMPLETE wimp when it comes to dentistry so having it out under local is, sadly, out of the question.

    The tooth itself isn't causing any trouble (it's on my lower jaw and I know those are harder to get out) but I have recurring gum infections from the flap of gum covering it. So I'd quite like to have it out if I can otherwise I'm using more than my fair share of antibiotics and to be honest it's a bit of a pain in the arrse.

    How do I go about getting referred to a surgeon/hospital (if that's even how it works), if not, how do I get it done privately (not my first choice as it's obviously pricier)?

    Any advice would be welcomed, thanks in advance.
  2. You speak to your civvy dentist and they will arrange a hospital date for you. They handle the whole thing.
  3. Check your PMs.
  4. They prefer to take a tooth out near it that has say a root canal or filling and let the wisdom tooth grow into the space, I am a complete wimp when it comes to dentists and have paid to be put to sleep before however they dont do this in dentists surgeries any more, I had a tooth pulled and you dont feel a thing, I just had to tell myself to stop being a wimp!

    Good luck!
  5. thanks for all your replies (I was totally expecting to be ripped into for being a girl!)... Will get on to my dentist (sounds like a fun day out) and force him into referring me.
  6. I'm not the biggest fan of dentists to be honest (Standfast Booboo ;) )

    I've had one wisdom tooth taken out under local (for emergency pain relief) and 3 under general and to be honest, it didn't hurt that much. I wouldn't get too worked up over it.

    The worst part was having to wait fecking months to get an appointment to have them taken out and mine were becoming a problem (growing sideways or something like that) so for you to have yours out because they're a pain may take longer.
  7. I used Oraldene mouthwash every day to stop mine getting infected when it was growing through.
  8. Well i have a phobia of needles ,But i had my wisdom teeth cut out in the dentist as i hate general anaesthetic .that's all they did was give me a couple of shots in to the area spilt the gum and removed the teeth take a couple of pain killers for a couple of days and things will be fine no stitches my Otho surgeon just let the incision close up on it own
  9. I'm in the same boat as you. I need a couple of Root canals and crowns done. So far the right one has not been numbed by novocaine injections at the surgery. I could still feel the drill/pain. I 've now had a second set of stronger antibiotics and he will have another go next tuesday. It might be okay because this second course of antibiotics has stopped the toothache.

    If it is still too painful to proceed I will ask him to refer me to Guys Dental hospital for them to be done under a GA.

    AFAIK, this is free, and your dentist gets nothing from the NHS, so its not in his best interests to refer you. After all, even at NHS rates a root canal and is £189 per treatment :thumbdown:

    So if I can go into hospital overnight and have it done there and save £189, I'm up for that :thumright:
  10. I quite agree about getting it done for the same price in hospital...

    warrant - I think I'd probably run screaming if he tried to inject me !!! I had my one (and only) filling done sans anaesthesia since the pain of the drill (which to be fair wasn't much as it was a teeny filling) was a far better idea than needles.. Stupid but it gives you an idea of my illogical thought process.

    The tooth has finished growing through (it was yo-yoing a while from about age 14-20 but has stopped at a sort of half way point so is proned to these damn infections but they're not a huge deal - just sore and sometimes stop me eating (which OH would say is probably a plus!)...

    Will ring the dentist and bite the bullet...
  11. they knock you out and then take the tooth out - simple
  12. if its the needle your scared of do what i do and ask him to use the numbing gel that he uses on kids before he injects you - you honestly dont feel a thing!!
  13. my how the enemy trembles at the mere sight of our warriors!
    until they read on ARRSE what a big bunch of jessies they are!! :plotting:
  14. im a girl so its ok lol
  15. and i'm a civvy so ha! but i must admit I am a total girl... sorry!

    as for the numbing gel - I had that once before and it may as well have been toothpaste - it did fcuk all!!! but thanks all the same, would rather be knocked out with a large hammer :D