wisdom teeth!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by juicyfruity, May 14, 2010.

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  1. hey

    Im due to start basic training the 14th of June. In the last week ive been having pains behind the back teeth on the lower row.

    last night i woke up to having lots of blood in my mouth and when i had a closer look today i noticed a tooth starting to come out that area. its completely out of line and i know i need to get it looked at/removed.

    im just worried that if i get it done and its not healed will this be enough for them to tell me to go away and recover? also, if i leave it and when the army dentists inspects my teeth and see its not right would they tell me to take a hike and come back when its sorted?

    i apologise for my spelling i know its poor!! 8O
  2. I'd say go to your own dentist first. He knows your dental history and can tell you what the score is. When mine came through it looked all wrong (to me at least). Now at 35 I still have all 4 of them. It's difficult to determine yourself if it's wrong or not, so I'd make an appointment and ask the dentist if I were you.

    For what it's worth: I can't remember any of my friends or sisters needing more than a week/10 days to recover (eating properly again that is).
  3. Get to a dentist and have the necessary diagnosis/treatment as soon as possible.

    I understand its a tricky one, especially if you do not want to pay for the extractions. A trip to hospital will get free treatment but from experience, they are less than sympathetic to dental problems.

    The leave entitlement after 4 wisdom tooth extractions used to be 3 weeks. Three weeks of soup through a straw looking like you've done 15 rounds with a baseball bat.
  4. I had a wisdom tooth out about 2 months ago, was back in work straight after it, and that was taken out by a pink and fluffy RAF dentist.
  5. I had mine out at Basra Airport and was back at work about 5 minutes later. Tsk, lads these days... :wink:
  6. Best thing to do I found was sack going to your nhs dentist and find out if there is one of the "dental health clubs" in your area, they do alot of the emergency work that hospitals won't take on. They are nhs subsidized for people who have been struck off and as such when I had a wisdom tooth taken out last year as it was cracked it was only £15.00, quick twenty minute job and no problems since.
  7. dental health club is getting it done this thursday!! spot on advice everyone, thank you :)
  8. If your wisdom teeth don't have hooked roots i don't think they're much harder to extract than normal teeth. If its causing discomfort go to the dentist
  9. I had mine done with intravenous vallium. If it was only legal to sell the stuff...................... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. At my initial dental inspection on joining up I was told I'd have to have my wisdom teeth out and they would send me an appointment.

    Five years later when I was in NI they sent me an appointment and took all four out.

    Don't worry too much about them if they're just bleeding a bit and swolen - that's what happens when they cut through. If they're causing you pain go see your civvy dentist.

  11. Yep, three weeks . The worse thing is, when you forget, and try and open your mouth normally.

    They must have open my gob with a car jack.

    'back at work in five minutes my Arrse' :?
  12. I had my two front teeth knocked out while playing hockey for the company team. I was in the office the next day with a smile. Tsk these yoof today. :pirat: :mrgreen: