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I am due to get laid off shortly and thought it would be a nice gesture to take the doris away somewhere sunny for a week, in say mid Sept, so we can get a bit of a tan and sample the local hooch.

Being the gent that I am, I don't want to have to shell out too much on this little jolly - under a grand would be good. Also, ideally, I'd rather not go somewhere which could pass as a suburb of Liverpool, which has (rightly or wrongly) put the Canaries out of my mind. My initial thought was to go to Dubro... Croatia. However, I'm not too sure so I'm open to other suggestions?

There is also the important factor that neither of us can drive, which is a bit of a spanner in the gubbins.

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I'll probably get shot down for this but can I recommend a resort in Majorca? I know, I know. Lots of loud Brits and fish n chips etc. However, avoid Magaluf, Palma Nova (which actually isn't too bad off season) and may I recommend a place called Playa de Palma? There is a big, long road (only traffic allowed is a train which goes up and down and horse and buggies) right next to a very long beach. At one end, there is a Brit bit with all the football on the telly, fish n chips, Boddingtons etc and at the other is the place where the Germans go and is full of beer kellars, bratty shops etc. In the middle is the bit with all the Spanish bars and restaurants. If you stay in the middle bit, you can really have a good Spanish holiday but if you feel like mixing with the fish n chip crowd, you can walk the couple of k's to the Brit bit but if you fancy a night with Bratty and Lowenbrau, walk the other way a couple of k's and you get a night out with the Krauts. Don't fancy either and you can mix it with the Spanish and (shall we say) more refined tourists. Plus it's not far from Palma (which is a lovely city) and there is a good bus service. The beach stretches all the way from the Brit bit to the German bit so is massive. Had a great time there a few years ago and would highly recommend it. Plus, cheap flights to Palma and even if you have to get a taxi to Playa de Palma it not that expensive.
Wild guess, but sounds like you'd like a bit of life, but not full of Pom owned bars and slappers spewing cheap white rum over themselves - so weekends in Plymouth are out then? :D

OK, try Cattolica, Italy. Years since I was last there, but, it had the sun, sea and frollics of Rimini but all far more up-market - meaning far less riff-raf (and Krauts).

Thomas Cook seem to have a package which just fits you target, half board in a 4 star. 8O You'd be on the beach and in town, so you'd have nowhere to drive anyway? Call them and ask questions. :wink:


Dubrovnic is lovely but apart from the walled city (which still shows some damage from the 1990's war) there is'nt a lot to do.

As previously stated, Majorca is a terrific place if you avoid the Chav-Brit spots like Magaluf. Palma de Majorca is a top place in my book with something for everybody.

Have a look at Minorca, it's a little quieter than Majorca and doesn't seem to attract the same rough trade. I reckon Minorca is the best and prettiest of the Balearic Islands.

Edited to add : Madeira is also a top place.
A couple of years ago I flew to Madrid and got the sleeper train to La Coruna (Corunner in British Army parlance ;) ) in the North West of Spain. The area around there is not unlike Cornwall or the west Coast of Scotland - rugged, beautiful countryside with sheltered coves and little fishing villages. A lot sunnier and much hotter though.
It's where the Spanish go on holiday to avoid the Brits :)

We camped and stayed in B&B and so on and I managed to get badly sunburned. Fishing is good too. There was adequate public transport by bus or train. We stayed overnight in Madrid on the way back before flying back to UK. British Airways flies into Madrid, we went from Birmingham. It wasn't particularly expensive and well worth the extra over one of these "budget" airlines that I had the misfortune of flying with a couple of years later.

Heading the other way from Madrid, Seville and Cadiz are on the rail network. Cadiz is a very interesting and ancient sea port although we found it difficult to find accommodation. Seville is worth a stop over for a day or two en-route.


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In September I'd go for Turkey. Cheap as chips and easy flights. decent beaches, OK people and you can hire a car for £25 a day and go exploring ruins.

Etruscan, Roman (some better than in Italy), and little Tavernas off of the main road with goats, kids and smiling people. Its like Greece used to be before the silly sods joined the Euro.

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