Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ugly, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Is the place still open? Just wondering as the long haired one is looking at properties not too far away from Wisbech. I'm reasonably happy as she wants to run a kennels and sapper ruperts must have dogs!
  2. To increase her chances of attracting Sapper officers as potential clients might I suggest that she looks around Waterbeach rather than Wisbech which is about 50 miles away!
  3. Wisbech has never been open, in fact when you enter the town it actually says Wisbech, For Locals Only. That and the webbed fingers sets them apart from the other Fen dwellers
  4. Sounds like my neck of the woods then, fens east of Wisbech. Youll want a place with no neighbours if your breeding dogs though which is easily acheivable round here. many ex council smallholdings, very well built (1930s the council didnt want to have to keep repairing them once they were up) with either 1 or half acre of land. Only trouble is we will be underwater when the iceberg melts. I dont mind this, the fen will be flooded, reeds everywhere (not just along the dykes) and I will have a house on stilts and one of them fan raft boats to get around on. Get a full survey though, much subsidence, some areas worse than others though.
  5. of course I resemble that remark.
  6. You Haven't been to Wisbechistan lately have you hoards of Muslamic Fundamentaloids and East European nutcases around the toilet that is Wisbechistan try the gedneys or moulton if you want proper fen dwelling sister marrying 13 fingered webbed footed chinless outsider hateing retards :)
  7. Wasn't Dave "Boy" Green from Wisbech ?
  8. I thought he was from Chatteris.
  9. plenty of E europeans for the hard agricultural labour that no one else wants to do anymore. 2 years ago I almost put my car in the dyke... I drove past a field of models (thin, young, high cheeckbones etc) cutting cabbages.

    aside from the curry house folk not seen many muslim people though.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Cheers for that lads, better avoid the place then!