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Hi everyone, firstly I am new to this so please bear with me. Secondly about me, I am an ex WO2 who has just finisihed 22 years with the Yorkshire Regiment (2nd Bn).

I have been lucky enough to land a job with the Prince's Trust in role sponsored by Help for Heroes in helping to rehabilitate wounded, injured and long term sick servicemen and women.

Basically, Help for Heroes has funded a number of positions for WIS service personel to take part on the Prince's Trust Team programme to help aid rehabilitation.

The Team programme takes about 12, 16-25 year olds and puts them on a 12 week full time programme involving team building, residential week adventure training, community projects and challenges and work advice and placements.
There is a success rate of about 80% in getting these young people who have many different personal problems such as drink and drugs, criminal convictions and abuse back into work or full time learning again.

The vacancies on offer, funded by H4H are mainly in a 20 day Employed Participant (EP) role. This is where you give up 20 days or more to help out on the Team programme, which will include the week residential but not work placements. This is ideal for those who are still serving who are sat at home doing nothing or those who are mis-employed in the unit maybe sorting out the mail or working in the clothing store.
If you have been medically discharged you can also take part as an EP as funding has been made available for you as well.

If you have been medically discharged you can also volunteer as an Assisstant Team Leader which will involve you in a full time role for about 5 months. This is a full on role and needs the full time commitment. There is also the opportunity to be paid £5000 for this role. HOWEVER, this is still in its infancy role so please bear that in mind.

Both roles offer a great deal of benefits, it is free, it will give you a chance to engage with the community, it will help with your confidence, self esteem, leadership skills, social skills and give you the opportunity to get your uniform on and feel proud again. It will also give you a great insight into youth work should you fancy that as a career change. You can also fit your days in around medical appointments and be located at home as Team is delivered in about 300 locations around the UK.

Please note that this has been up and running for approx 4 weeks now and we have 2 guys starting very soon and some more ready to start in January 2011. One wounded Cpl has completed the EP role already.

It is also worth mentioning that these roles ant the Team Leader role is available to all service personnel, not just the WIS. My job is to deal with the WIS, there is a services Liaison Officer to deal with the 'able bodied' who is a fantastic Major.

Please spread the word and lets get the wounded, injured and long term sick onto this excellent rehab programme.

Please get in touch with me on here or via The Princes Trust website. I dont think i am allowed to post my personal details on here- if i am i am more than happy to do so.

Thanks for the long read


If you would like any more infor

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