Wiring florescent lights

Could somebody check my logic here please. Im going to replace a few knackered T12 florescent lights with newer T8s. The problem is the internal wiring point is different in them, see diagram below.

The T12s wire in point A, the T8s at B and the electrical cable follows the coloured path. Two of the ones i want to replace will be easy as the spark left spare wire above so there is enough length to bridge the gap from A to B. The problem is the spark didnt leave any spare for the other two meaning it cant reach to B.

Rather than chase the cable back to wherever the junction box is hiding in the ceiling to run a new cable from there, i want to extend the wire from within the fitting. Ill run the existing cable to where point A would be in the new fitting then add a length of wire to reach B and link the two using the cable connectors pictured below. They are the same type already in the fitting for wiring in the electrical cable to the internals of the fitting.

Would there be any problems with this?


Nope, no problems doing that. Just ensure that the cable is like for like in cross sectional area and the chocolate boxes are of sufficient size (would recommend 5A if it is a single fitting and 10A if you are looping in and out for multiples) and do not forget the Earth.
******* choc blocks, spawn of satan those ******* things... Due to their design and construction they can become lose over time and cause all sorts of problems.

Through crimps would be better or Wago blocks which are constant force rather than screw connections.
OP your wiring is fine.

Choc-blocks fine too. OEMs like Dimplex use them in their products so I'd say they're OK imho

Tighten, then re-tighten a few hours later.
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