Wireless surround sound system for the mess

Fella's. I need to get a decent surround sound system for the mess that has a sh*t load of speakers so that it can be fitted across 2 big rooms. Ipod compatable etc............any ideas?
Bose do a recently priced wireless sound system, and the sound quality it top notch. If you chat to Bose they'll send someone round to assess what you need, and offer advice.

What's your budget?
In one mess I was in we had a Sonos multi room thingy, you plough all your mp3s onto it and then control it using a wireless thingy a bit like an iPod. You can pass it round the bar allowing everyone to queue up their gashest tunes. Quite a good laugh and it's easy to laod new tunes onto it. Also it can do 2 rooms at once with different songs if the grown ups get pissed off.

Sonos Zone Players
This sounds like a question for The Real Big Dizzle as he's into sound stuff in a techie way.

Shame he was treated so badly, he might have got a bit miffed by that, when he could have been helpful instead.

Remember, every dog has his day....

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