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Hi chaps

I have a PC at home which is in a spare room used as a hobby room and office. I have a set of USB connected speakers on the computer desk but I would like to be able to play music from the hard drive or stream internet radio in other rooms downstairs - kitchen and living room primarily. I assume that wireless speakers running off a wireless link are available.

Can anyone advise on what I would need to do so or any recommend any particular brand of speakers?

It needs to be simple and easy to set up, ideally the speakers could be moved to wherever they are required.

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If i understand what you are after correctly, i wouldnt worry about speakers connected to the PC - these usually depend on being fairly close to the PC itself so not really practical in other rooms. If you want to stream music, get some kind of smart speaker?
I have a lot of music stored on the PC which I would like to be able to play elsewhere in the house. I would also llike to be able to play the output from online radio stations in other parts of the house as well.

How can I get the music from the PC to other locations in the house as simply as possible, with spending a lot of money. I don't want to bother with any of this alexa stuff.
I have an old laptop running as a media server. I use an Android phone or Kindle Fire connected by the headphone socket to an old set of PC speakers in my shed (or anywhere else with a 240v supply).
VLC player (Local Network setting) for the phone, or the native Kindle player picks up the laptop by wifi.
Works Lovely.


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@Rodney2q . I have Samsung M3 Speakers, along with the WAM250 hub and the link mate.
I got them in a sale so excellent value.

They put out good quality sound, have plenty of features and are EASY to set up with an app to control it all. work with Spotify etc and also output internet radio.

They will also Bluetooth to your computer, I use one for the audio output from my laptop (teamed with an external mic) so I don't have to wear a headset for Teams calls.
Kitsound sell a bluetooth adapter if your pc lacks Bluetooth;)
the boombar + is a cheap and cheerful speaker that works well for other rooms and the garden.

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