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Wireless Router under £100


Look for a reliable wireless router for home.
Anyone recommend or have a good one under £100.
Looked at TP-Link as they seem to fit the price range.
TP-Link routers are pretty decent. I picked up a new old stock TD-W9980 for 20 quid. Works well in my parents' house.

The good thing is that BT can't f*ck it up with one of their dodgy firmware "upgrades"


I have a TPLink Archer 8 which is pretty good. I replaced it with an Asus and now use it as a range extender.


What kind of broadband connection do you have? Is it ADSL or Virgin? Does it have an ethernet socket?


I'm not up to speed on ADSL but I think you probably need a modem as well as that router unless your current router can be used as a modem only. The router in your post is designed to be used with ethernet connections.

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