Wireless not working

For the life of me, my laptop wireless is gone kaput. The driver says everything is working and that i should be able to connect.

Whilst in a hotel, the bod next to me could connect, but mine wouldn't saying there are no wireless networks nearby, which clearly wasn't the case.

I have an Acer 5100 and run Vista home edition if that helps.

Any know what i can do? Any help is appreciated.


Does the acer have a little button on the side to turn the wireless on and off? If so then it may be turned off.
It may just be that the guy next to you has a better WLAN card in the Laptop - if he's got a Dell or HP then it's almost definitely better. Try walking around until you find can find it.

Firstly though, just make sure that you haven't disabled it by going into the Network Connections page and making sure it's not disabled in there.

Hope this works!

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