Wireless Network

I want to set up a wireless network at home. I have started to have a look round some websites and am starting to get a bit confused, we have an imac and laptop at home.
Has anyone else done this already or can anyone tell me what equipment I need to set it up.

Yep, i've done it at home with 2 PCs and a laptop.

Lynksys Hub router thing from amazon is what you want. I take it you have a broadband connection?

You'll need a transmitter/hub/router type thing.


And then wireless cards for your pc and laptop. Although, if your pc is close to where your router is gonna be you can just cable it.


But how this would all work with a Mac/iMac i dunno.
Be careful, though, to get the right kind of router for the type of connection you have to the internet: cable, DSL or ordinary modem. If you don't know, seek advice from a techhead.

Belkin very good and incredibly easy to set up. Linksys OK as well.
Oh, if possible buy all same brand kit. Whilst 11b connections are fine on different manufacturers kit 11g (highspeed) protocols can vary. This will lead to a reduction in network speed.

What sort of internet connection have you got?
lynksys is deff the way forward (now owned by cisco systems) The one pictured above is a wireless access point with no broadband connection there is one similar with a broadband modem built in and its a doddle to set up. in addition the wireless G card for laptops is v.easy to use. Just remember when your setting up your network change the default ssid and once your happy enough turn off ssid broadcast with this off you may even be able to avoid having to setup wep security. That should stop jack B*$tards like me leaching off the back of your broadband connection. Any dramas with it then PM me and I'll do my best to help you out.
All sound advice so far, one more thing. Don't go for 802.11b, although there is backwards compatibility with newer 54G connections, it is more than just a difference in the bandwidth. Generally speaking 802.11G is a smoother and more effecient protocol and will result in better connectivity around the house.

If you do have connection problems you can get bigger anntenna to resolve any problems.
Also think about enabling WEP encrytion of your WiFi enabled zone, Static WEP with one key is fine. Also MAC address filtering (You only allow certain wireless cards to access your router) is a good idea for security. XP has a useful configuration tool for getting everything talking to each other. Got a few tools I can email you. PM me or Fatcakes for more info.

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