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I am a ludite, plain and simple and need some advice.

Sitn: New build house in poor DAB reception area apart from one room (lounge). No decent radio reception in Kitchen. I like to listen to radio 4 when I'm cooking/reading the sunday newspaper in the Kitchen, she likes the listen to her music/Ipod.

Problem: We are both too tight to buy another ipod docking station or radio but thought we could get a mains/battery powered wireless box to link into lounge based music system, so she can take it with her when she's having a bath and we can have it in the Kitchen when cooking.

Call to arms: Any ideas, suggestions/guidance on products? and if so ones with a good quality sound.

Thank you muchly



In one of my old messes we used to use one of these bad boys:


You set up a couple of base units, load all your music onto it and then you can control it using a snazzy wireless ipod thingy. Not sure about radio but I think you can play 2 different things in different room should you wish.


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I can't help thinking the extra docking station may be the cheaper option!
Pure Oasis Flow.

This does everything you asked for, and more. I have the Evoke Flow, and use it to listen to internet radio more than anything else, and sound quality is (to my untrained ears, at least) very good. Provided you have a wifi router, you are sorted. Regarding DAB signals, I have a DAB radio connected to a TV aerial socket, and get signals from two different transmitters both about 30 miles from my house, giving loads of stations. Without the aerial connected, I'm lucky to get one or two.