Wireless internets.

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Little_Lion_Man, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Evening folks, I've just discovered that I can get a wireless signal in my upstairs loo, and I never thought I could before. How far can you get a signal before it conks out? (written whilst sh!tting. :D)
  2. I assume you have a good enough reason for posting on here, instead of sat on 'the throne' looking at porn.

    Are you a proper man?
  3. Firefox allows many tabs. I have porn on one, Facebook on another, and ARRSE for the time I have to wait for them to strip and stop noshing people off.
  4. There's a three-storey motel locally, the Polish migrants all want the top right rooms because they hike into the domestic internet of the houses about 90 yards away.
    Plenty of kids in cars driving round with laptops hooking up to random houses too.
    I can get five from here, including mine, of which two are not locked.

    At my last place, I used to muse as to which of my neighbours named their net bigt*ts99
  5. The WAN-LAN scanner gizmo on my Toshiba netbook allows me free WI FI while even travelling by bus, there are so many students with un-secured systems between my house and Cardiff city centre I can get latch on and browse with unbroken signal, all the way to the centre, and the whole city centre is WI FI too, as are almost all pubs
  6. I think some people do it intentionally, so they can blame somebody else if they get pinged for downloading films/songs etc.

    Edit: Just realised the ridiculousness of what you're claiming & feel stupid for even replying.
  7. With special kit - up to 20km (much more if all you want to do is receive - the limit seems to be latency in the connection.) With a normal, buy-it-from-PC-World access point, up to about 60m reliably (4 modern houses?) - a lot more than that on an intermittent basis or, as said, if you have elevation. It depends on a lot of signal strength considerations - my house still has the pipes for gas light fittings in the walls so acts as a poor man's Faraday cage. Great signal in the living room, below the study, poor signal in the upstairs loo (but I can get 3G on the iPhone for porn!)
  8. I live in a small village where the houses have substantial walls but I can easily pick up another six houses up to the 60m range you detailed in your post . All are secure , however I am sure many people do not take this precaution .

    Edited ... minor text mod for clarity .
  9. I can get around 6 or 7 other connections showing, but most are locked.
  10. You must share the name of this WAN-LAN gizmo that provides unbroken wifi access when swapping between random public access points - i want one too.

    Surely everytime you try to connect to each access point you have to de-auth/re-auth and your default gateway would constantly change too - this would itself kick you off the network whilst it re-establishes itself onto another network.

    Now if every network just happened to be on the same subnet along the way, all using the same router and IP range, and all members of the same ESS - then maybe, just maybe.

    Anyway, give me the model of this crazy Toshiba laptop cos I sure as hell want one.
  11. It isn't the strength of the walls, it is the conductivity at radio frequencies - earthed lead pipes in plaster seem to do the trick (especially when backed by 12"+ of damp sandstone!) The modern aluminium foil backed plasterboard would be interesting (although I have never seen that being earthed, it must still do significant signal attenuation at 12cm wavelengths).

    I installed the wifi in for next-door - probably about 25m away - I can't even detect it from my office either with my laptop inbuilt or my (admittedly several generations old) wi-spy. On the other hand, in a block of modern flats, you are probably quids in.

    Many consumers get their APs from their ISP and these are now coming, for revenue protection reasons, with at least basic security switched on - the BT Home Hub, for example.
  12. For all those with signal strength issues I would highly recommend one of these suckers. I owned the 500mw version but bought this one (2000mw) when it was released. It is usb powered and the distance you can reach/probe is amazing.

    Long range wifi dongle

    It is even more a little devil when you plug in a directional antenna for targeted work with little interference.

    Considering the average laptop wifi antenna is 40mw you can see this baby is the dogs.
  13. Finding free internet access from non-secure networks, and marking up that fact on a wall or lampost was called Warchalking and has been around for a while now, but I have never seen any of the signs.

    Has anyone else?

    For those that have never heard of it.

  14. msr

    msr LE

    It's an urban myth.
  15. Considering that you currently need a radio licence (officially) to operate 2.4GHz kit above the 100mw / 20dB level in the UK, it is not something I would generally recommend. YMMV. US rules are very different. This also applies to bands - one of these was apparently the cause of the temporary Israeli ban on US spec iPads.

    Warchalking - had a very brief flourishing. Mostly a US phenomenon (although I did see a couple of scratchings in London in about 2003). Rendered redundant, in both markets, by Starbucks ...