Wireless Internet at Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bibo_boy, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know if this exists anywhere on the camp?

    I'm there for 2 weeks soon and need to email access regularly.

    I know about the Internet "not" cafe, but I need to use my Secure ID on my own laptop...


    P.S. This isn't so i can knock one out in my pit!!!!!!!

    (well not just that lol)
  2. I never found one that wasn't encrypted , mind you that was in the transit block
  3. Even if they are encrypted then there's ways and means, especially if they aren't using WPA.
  4. What about getting a Vodafone USB stick?
  5. There's no authorised wireless internet anywhere near the Blandford transit accommodation. It has been talked about recently though.
  6. Why would you expect a wireless network to be available at the home of a communications regiment?

    They're not the Army's version of BT you know...

  7. There has been a thread on ArmyNet about this being investigated. I have bad memories of Javelin Fraudband that I can see coming into play in the future.
  8. I like the fact that the guard shut this 24 hr facility at midnight.
  9. Bibo_boy are you going on the class one course ?
  10. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    I really hope not. I was in York on a course and the same compnay had set up the wireless internet on the camp there. The prices were outragess and the speed and connection was very poor. That was 1 year ago maybe it has improved :?
  11. Not only a communications regiment but the Defence College of Communications and Information Systems. The home of tri-service CIS training no less! I have no doubt that some of the talented people down there could dream up an awesome technical solution with all sorts of modern components to make a great little wireless "campus LAN" but maintaining that solution would probably be far trickier, as it costs money and a little forethought.!

    IS Ski Geek - I heard from a respectable source that the York solution was quite good as it didn't require the Eng Sp Tp to be on call to fix faults, create and maintain accounts and collect monies. I think that outsourcing the technical solution is probably the only feasible one, otherwise who do you get to maintain the system, monitor network faults, and do the financial bit? Was it just the performance that was poor or was the whole system pish?
  12. Javelin Fraudband was a robust wireless system internally within Elmpt but they only had two broadband lines with Deutche Telecom. This meant that if more than three people signed on. You got less than dial up speeds.

    I'm sure if we used them in Blandford they could get a better service from BT.

    If the coneheads are doing this as a project they might want to speak to them and see how they do their antenna mesh.

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  13. About Us

    Peter Streatfield: Founder, CEO
    Peter comes from a background in investment banking having held senior positions with J P Morgan and Lazard in the UK and France. In 2002 he founded Inntouch which rapidly became the leading supplier of internet services to the hospitality market in the UK. He merged Inntouch with MyCall in 2003, taking on the role of CTO, to form Europe's leading internet services provider with nearly 1,000 hotels under contract across Europe. MyCall was acquired by STSN in April 2004.

    Neil Walsh: Operations Director and CTO
    Neil served in the British Army from 1981 to 2003. He qualified as a Royal Signals Technician at the Army Apprentice College in Harrogate before being posted to Germany where he served with 7th Signal Regiment as a First Line Technician on the Ptarmigan System. He also served with 16th Signal Regiment based at Joint HQ, Germany with deployments to Bosnia, Gibraltar and Kosovo.
    Neil left the Army in 2003 as a T1 Tech Sergeant and settled in Elmpt, Germany to start a career in Wireless communications. He joined Javelin in April 2005.

    From their site. Clicky

    Anybody know Neil Walsh? I'm sure I have seen him mentioned in other threads.
  14. I know him.

    I havent heard a customer in Herford who had a good word to say about the service. Extremely slow, often broken and very poor customer support. We had 2 terminals in our office and their connection speeds were tonk.

    Not sure if the service is still running in Herford and to be honest i'm not arsed if the entire venture has sunk. I didnt think the service bought anything to the party at all.
  15. He got away with it in Elmpt because he was the only supplier we could get.

    Not enough phone lines/switch space etc for DT to let us have it. Not even enough phone lines for all the quarters