Wireless hard drives for Ipad


Fellow ipadders i am lookin to buy a wireless hard drive for my ipad as i am against subscribing to icloud as i am a fecking jew.

Is there any downside to buying a drive instead of subscribing.

Also where can i can the best value for money for one - about 500 gb would do....

I am relatively new user so any tips advice with this would be appreciated cheers all

I have made a search but couldnt find anything useful

iCloud costs feck all.
Hence why I am not willing pay £70 over 10 years is £700 and its only 50gb. Whilst I like apple for it simplicity and user friendlyness I am certainly non conformist to all thier money making agendas and if i know I can get something on the market cheaper, I will.

Dinger your mad going down that route IMHO.
if its for work documentation like excel, powerpoint, word etc then use cloudon

Else buy a ethernet compatable HDD assign it an IP address then access it through your WLAN would be my guess


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The PWO(CIS) in me breaks out.

What are you looking to store?
Do you need offline access - ie no internet connection?
If you are doing letter, spreadsheets etc do they need to be in a particular format or is it just for you with occasional sharing?

I can offer some solutions if I know how you use the iPad.
Use dropbox and cut down your porn stash
Mainly for adding apps and the odd bit of work nothing too heavy. I am not saying wong use it for music but I havent been down that road really... Thoughts guys...

If you can let me know of any cheap value for money deals


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iClould. Free for 5Gb but photo stream, iTunes purchased media, emails and iWorks documents are not in that limit (in effect they are free). Intergrates well with Apple products and simple to use. Accessible via any internet browser. However to work on documents/spreadsheets etc you need iWorks apps (not expensive for what they do and you can save final documents as PDF or .DOC) and via the net it is not brilliant.

Dropbox. A simple online storage box. Free up to 2GB (you can increase it by getting referrals etc). I use this as one of my backups but the beauty is that on a PC/Mac you can have it save to local as well. This allows offline access to files. I have this on my Macbook Pro and use it as My Documents type folder. If you use a number of different email addresses you can, with some faff get several accounts to increase storage. I love it and most geeks swear by it as a storage solution. BUT it is just a storage solution and you need programmes/apps to work on the files.

Skydrive from Microsoft. Good, 25Gbs and seamless integration with Office, even for a Mac. I tried it and liked it. Photos can be arsey as it limits to 50Mb max per file but over all for someone on Windows and using Office worth a consideration.

Wireless HDD/Router attached HDD. EBay or Amazon. The most common solution is a 1Tb Hard drive plugged in to your wireless router (if it allows) and accessed across your network. Wireless works every time and dead easy to set up. If you believe that I have some unicorn horns I need to shift as well.

NAS (In effect a small server). Many different types and many prices. Cheap ones can have failures. Needs some form of network to run.


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For an iPad. Light user - web browsing/apps access, music and movies via iTunes and emails. iCloud is a no brainer.

Documents, spreadsheets and PDFs for working on and saving then Dropbox. 2Gbs is a lot, I know it doesn't sound like it but for "work" it is fine. Dropbox app works well with iPad and you can use it to sync items across machines of all types of OS. However you will need the programme to read/write to the things.

Music, movies and photos. They eat space. I tend to use iCloud as I buy from iTunes and use iPhoto to my Mac and photo stream to store in the cloud. However I also save the photos I really want to DVD and to Flickr. The really important ones I have professionally printed as digital formats change and you could find those important photos no longer get read or the DVD fades or the disc drive fails. Negatives still have a place for the true treasures of photos.

Aside from your current needs backup. Backup everything you can. Peoples lives have become so intwined with digital media and just imagine if your hard drive failed, today. What would you loose. I have the all my documents etc, plus scans of important papers saved to Dropbox. Some of them are in encrypted folders for further protection.. Ensure you can access the backups - if you use a software backup programme how will you recover the information if the company goes out of business in two years and you need to re-install after a fire etc.

With Dropbox, Skydrive and Google (I forgot about them) you can enough accounts for free to give you about 40-50 Gbs of online storage.


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Google. Free account with email box holding loads. Google docs allows you to save and work online with documents. You can save them elsewhere to PDF or .doc. Piscall (spelling??) for photos and Google+ as a grown up version of Facebook. Worth a look and integration with iPads getting better.

All a starter for ten and I am sure there are others who can either advise and offer thoughts - or slag me off. Hay this is ARRSE.
So me being a ipad spacker how do i save stuff on google for free. I have a gmail account so can i save apps there etc??


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If you have iCloud then your apps are registered to the account. In essence if you delete them or get a new machine you can download them again from iTunes store. That is part of the iCloud that is not counted towards your 5GBs.

Google allows you to save and work on documents online. There are offline solutions but I would steer away from them.

Download the Google App from iTunes. It has apps within it for Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Photos. Have a play and see if that helps

Try loading the Dropbox app (its free) and try saving files etc in to that and work out how much storage you use. That will then give you an idea if you need a Hard Drive or other solution.
Can you save apps on the Drop box or Google?


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Your apps should be saved to your iCloud account. If you need to download them again you log in and download them. It does not come out of your allowance

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