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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by A_Frayed_Knot, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Could someone please just give the the thumbs up or otherwise please.

    I currently have Virgin Media broadband installed. At the moment I have an unsightly wire trailing around the lounge and then out through the hallway to the pc in an extension. I think I have worked out that a wireless cable router will do away with the wiring and from my small amount of research have come to the following product;

    Belkin B5DUK045 Router kit with USB adapter

    Can someone please advise if,

    a) I have got the right product

    b) Is it any good, or is there a better alternative (subjective question I guess)

    c) My son will now be able to play online with his Wi up in his bedroom

    d) Will a complete technophobe (but one who can read however) be able to set this up with not too much hassle.

    Cheers for all responses
  2. Check with virgin wether it's compatible but i am using the same service at home and got a 9.5mb download speed using speed tester i have the 10mb service so thats pretty damn good. I had a nightmare with the virgin wireless manager that came with the package though but once i got bakc to using windows everything has been fine.
  3. As this is a wireless router, I am pretty sure it needs to be controlled by a pc which is hard wired into it, at least initially. With my wireless setup, which is slightly different as its BT, i have phone to router, router to pc wired. This then allows me to connect any other pc in house provided the pc has a wireless card or usb wireless. Once the router is set up, i can disconnect the wire and run it totally wireless but if I have a power cut, I need to reconnect to install it. Hope that helps.
  4. once set up my wirless router works fine even after power interupt, never had a problem with it, except I have now forgotten my password for it, thankfully it's a real cheapo.
  5. I have the Belkin type. Make sure you get router and modem in one unit, some wireless routers rely on a separate broadband modem. The free Broadband modems are all cr4p in my experience. Avoid Speedtouch.
  6. You do not need a router with modem if your using a cable internet connection, only if your internet comes through the phone line.

    There will be a button somewere on the wireless router to reset it to factory default settings.
  7. All up and running after my original post - now a couple of new problems someone may have the answer to.

    Two of my lads have just added their XBOX 360's to the equation. One is wireless and the other is hard wired to the router. The problem being they keep getting cut off mid-game and are losing patience with it. Has been going on for weeks now and is quite frequent. Having got my head out of the sand and I rang Virgin Media, who told me if there was a router involved I should ring the company who made the router. I rang Belkin and they gave me some good support and uploaded the current software to my router. All seemed fine, but the same problem has arisen after half an hour.

    Any whizz kids got any thoughts/good ideas?
  8. happens with mine all the time. Still haven't solved it.
  9. Check for other wireless networks broadcasting in your neighbourhood. A work colleage came to us in work saying she kept getting disconnected at home (and obviously her home internet connection breaking means the nerds at work will investigate the issue.........for a small fee of course!!).

    She lives in a block of 12 flats and there are 10 wireless access points protected to different levels, nearly all of them broadcasting on the same channel.

    I'm no wireless guru, but if you've got two routers close together both broadcasting a wireless signal on the same channel, it can cause dropouts because the signals get mixed up.

    Try connecting to your router and changing your wireless signal to broadcast on a different channel and see if that helps (I think there are normally 12 to choose from!).
  10. Most routers I have encountered have had a master reset switch; return to manufacturer's default settings.

  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Is it happening to both of the x box's?
    If so it's more likely to do with the 'Return Path' or Signal levels.
    Check all the cable connections are tight & the are no kinks in the cable.also,the long RG6 cable you mentioned first,is it still connected? You might be getting interfearance (ingress) if a connection is not terminated.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Do stop spouting nonsense.

  13. I don't know if it's relevant, but Virgin seem to have had problems with Belkin's Wireless G router. Evidently it changes the address much more frequently than most. For some reason, Virgin have a problem with this - to the extent that Virgin will cut off your service for 2 hours to give you time to read a notice requiring you to visit Belkin's website to install a patch. (The site is the only place that remains accessible).

    Wonderfully, the page that comes up is (or rather, was) totally unknown to the Virgin gurus (either the British or the Indian ones), so if your router isn't a Wireless G version (mine isn't), not only can't you install the patch, but you also can't get your service back until the two hours is up. :evil:

    So, to throw another option into the equation, could it be down to your router address-switching and Virgin not being able to keep up?
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I spent over 8 years as a NTL cable service technician before redundency,spent a lot of time fixing faults caused by bad cabling & connections.
    If I'm 'spouting nonsense' then are you saying you know better than he senior engineers that taught me & others & that the 'cableguide' is wrong then?
    The Network tech's spend a lot of time 'noisebusting' over here because of network interfearance caused by unterminated connections,damaaged cabling,chipped boxes ect
  15. I have a Belkin wireless router cabled to the Virgin coax modem, we had a problem with wireless and wired dropping out. i have reset all security permissions and set the wireless channel to a 'hopefully' less used channel. most will use channel 11 i think, mines on channel 3. One thing that did flag up was the PS3, that tended to fcuk up the router somewhat.
    What i have found is that the dropouts tend to point to the router, i havent tried a firmware update yet, but DHCP lease times, LAN restrictions and changing between WEP or WPSK has little effect.
    I now have the problem that the wifes laptop wont connect fullstop. so i have had to run a cable all over the house to get her online upstairs.
    I'll do a firmware upgrade soon and see how it goes, but it does strike me as strange how this only happens on Virgin. At another house i set up the same router using tiscali connections and it works fine.
    I know that coax is less consistant than the other cable connections, just wish Virgin would would sort it out and get it to a filter box (they do phone lines after all, so proving it doesnt all have to run on coax)that runs an RJ cable straight to the desired router, wireless or otherwise.