Wireless, a moral dilema?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by VerminWA, Sep 29, 2005.

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  3. How can mobile porn be wrong?

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  1. I've just realised that it is becoming a common occurance for me to take my wireless laptop to the throne room. But is it morally wrong for me to take my lappy to the porcelain while snapping one off, I certainly would never have done it had I been dragging a network cable behind me, therefore is wireless technology to blame?
  2. I don't see it as a moral dilemma but as a practical one. When you turn the pages of the newspaper, you stand a good chance of knocking the laptop onto the floor.

    Do you also do this while at work? If so, do others have the perception that you're working or surfing for porn?
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This would be common enough if you were watching a DVD - so just embrace the avdvance of tecnology, and fit a swivelling shelf in your crapper.
  4. Would this shelf be in front of, or behind, the crapper? :?
  5. Many upmarket hotels have had phones next to the pan for years. The way I see it, if they think it's acceptable to be talking on the phone to someone while you're curling one out (only done it once, and it was an ex-girlfriend on the line) then I don't think that using a laptop is much of a qualitative difference. Just be careful not to skiff your keyboard.
  6. I think you should eat more roughage in your diet if you have time to surf the web while curling one out something wrong . :lol:
  7. Think of it as the advance of technology. If time is short and you are sat on the crapper only using one part of the body with the generally useful bits redundant then you are multi-tasking and making better use of your resources!!.

    With a ban on personal calls in the office I find it the norm to make my personal calls via mobile while coiling one down. Strangely satisfying when arguing the toss with the Gas, Electricity, Water Coy over an exhorbitant bill.
  8. Using a laptop on the bog whilst knocking one out?

    We all do it dont we?

    Adds a whole new meaning to 'sticky keys'.
  9. Some quality advice, thanks :lol:
  10. If you buy a new PSP it has wireless internet, so you can smuggle it into the bog and surf away covertly! :lol:

    Its a bugger to get stains of that nice screen though, I suggest you buy a few screen protectors.