Wired Hoods - Please explain...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bond, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Please excuse my ignorance, I am but a mere poor colonial posted to the cooler climes of the UK, and have been issued a plethora of your excellent winter kit (ours consists of a thin cotton version of the norgie and a fleece kind of jacket called a 'Cuddly Koala' which is about as warm as a cotton singlet).

    Very impressed with the smock, but I am baffled by the wire in the hood. Firstly and foremostly in my experience hoods are there to merely look good, and should never ever be used.

    Consequently, I can't seem to get the hood to roll up out of the way neatly due to the bloody great bit of wire.

    Before I go cutting the fkn thing out and chucking it, is it actually there for a purpose? Or should I get rid of it without delay.
  2. It's so you can shape a peak from it and keep the rain out of the eyes - or to stop your biscuits brown getting soggy
  3. cut it off , your helmet will keep you dry
  4. I figure, surely if its raining, you would put your waterproof jacket on, which has a waterproof hood.

    I think i'll leave the hood on but cut the wire out.
  5. yeah cut it out and stitch it into the W/P ,the hood on those are shite they are always falling down over your eyes and generally flapping about while your at it put a Velcro adjuster on the back of it to.
  6. From: http://www.bteam.com/reports/Arctic_Survival.pdf

    Most cold weather and arctic gear will have the wire in the hood to help keep it from blowing off in high winds. Most of our stuff has it.

    I dog sled, and some conditions make me glad the wire is there when it's minus 50 and the wind is hitting gusts up to 120kmph.
  7. It allows you to cover most of your face in foul weather but still have the ability to see as the wire holds the outer reaches of the hood to allow you to see better.
  8. On the Igman mountain range in Bosnia (mount BJ) in the 90's that little bit of wire was considered one of the best inventions out. If your limit of a hood is to say it's gay to put on your head and just keep it rolled up, try your next tour on a mountain for six months! I couldn't really get my helmet on as I was to busy trying to work out how to fit 5 deputy dawg hats on my head at the same time :D
  9. As said above.. in a howling fu*king Gale the wire is a god send!!

    good design I say..
    (mind you the new bergaus jackets are a well thought out design too)

    remember it's not to look gucci around camp..
    but to do the 'biz' on the ground
  10. Don't bin the wire - it's there for a reason: Otterburn, Sennybridge et al. Guaranteed that if you bin it you'll need it, though it's all downhill weather-wise now we're in March (ish). It'll soon be the BBQ season.
  11. Its fecking cold there NOW - and yes my parka hood has a wire :D

    Six fecking months? Sh1t Tonto :twisted:
  12. And after that week-end he will need the wire again :)
  13. I came across a really cosy smock once rooting through stock, it was JUST like our windproof one but really snuggy and cosyyyyy and had a rank slide on front, it wasn't ripstop just pure cotten.