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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by OOMPALOOMPA, Dec 8, 2004.

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  1. Is it just me or is anybody else sick of the stupid and pointless names that people are given in our already "wa*ky" corps magazine. For example, "Chalky white", "Dusty Miller" and the latest "windy Gale", nothing personal ofcourse but it really grips my s**t!!!! :x
  2. If you are creative and sly it is a way of "Sticking it to the man" as Homer would say :lol:

    My favourite is still Sig "Beef" Curtains, The Adj of that unit needed to spend a bit more time round the NAAFI.

    Someone has to get in Sig "bumpy jumper" Smith, whos man enough.

    What nicknames would you like to see that you could get away with???

    :twisted: :twisted:
  3. not your corps but how about

    gunner rea
  4. Theres a lad in the Sigs known as "Bertie" because whilst sending a radio message he forgot his phonetic alphabet, and came out with "I spell...B for Bertie...etc. Tit :lol:
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Tit for forgetting his phonetics yes, but full marks for using another easily identifiable word to indicate the letter. Improvisation & adaptability - great skills. (I take it this was a one-off occurrence ?)

    If it was a recurring event then beast the cnut until he learns twenty-six simple words ! :twisted:
  6. I was in training with a Sig "Turtles" Head :D

  7. who's this bloke "manamana" i kept hearing on excercise??? :D
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Heard of a guy in NI called 'Loggy'
    New at the unit he had gone on the pop.
    Had one to many.
    Preceded to Grand Slam in his bed.
    Was woken up by the Badge and OC for a block inspection and proceeded
    to display his untimely wares on his not so white sheets
    Hence the name Loggy. :x
  9. We decided to christen this chap"TED" for various reasons-being an annoying cnut was one).Everyone referred to him by this name(although his name was Mike).He eventually gave up protesting and accepted his new label even demanding he be called"SUPERTED".What no-one revealed,even to this very day was that "TED" was short for "SH!THEAD" :
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. We had a female officer, and when everyone in the Sqn had finished talking to her we said " Well Ma'am, I must dash" Needless to say she had a better tash than I could ever grow! I wish I could have got that one into the Wire!
  11. In London district the RO In G4 Quartering was Maj Billett, in Aldershot the EME was Maj Nutt.

    At one time the Security NCO at the Lines was called Sting, because as an avid wargamer, he was certainly not considered to be intereSting.
  12. On exercise once I herard someone refered to as splong, come endex he was under the impression the name was a term of endearment, but asking someone, he was told that splong was the sound an entrenching tool makes when smacking someone in the mouth! and that if he didnt sort his sh1t out thats what he would hear :D
  13. for a while at Hotel tp, 220 Sig Sqn (ah those were the days) our LAD guy, some REME LanceJack was called L/Cpl Lee. or Ugg to you and me.

    top bloke but a name crying out for ridicule.

    anyway stop wingeing about dopey nicknames, things like "dusty" miller and "dinga" bell are part of army tradition and has been part of Bk room banter for a hundred years or more...

    lets start a list to remind ourselves....

    Smith = smudge
    Bell = Dinga
    miller = dusty or windy
    Lee = Ugg
    Pearce = Ear
    Mc****** = Macca (unless its McDonald - then becomes Ronald)
    Able = Diz
    Lane = Downer

    come on!!!!

  14. can anyone help with my OU dissertation?

    I'm stuck over the origin of:

    "Knocker" Brown and
    "Tug" Wilson