Wire free webcam.....wifi/bluetooth etc

Not for pervy reasons (just yet)

Some annoying cnuts dog keeps crapping outside my house, and I wanna find out who it is.

So, can anyone recommend a half decent webcam that I can record remotely onto my laptop.

I don't want to shoot the wrong mutt.

Dirty cnuts.
A quick trip to Maplins should sort you out, mine cost about £39 last year
smudge67 said:
tropper66 said:
A quick trip to Maplins should sort you out, mine cost about £39 last year
Is it any good? What make/model?
That was just the camera,as I already had the rest of the kit.
But a full kit with Hi Res colour, and IR, will set you back £79.99 and you might need some other gear to run it to a computer, a video grabber, or somthing like that, best bet is to check out there website or go to the shop as they are always upgrading there gear
I want an easy install, off the shelf, solution. I can't be arrsed faffing about. Plug and play etc.
if you go onto ebay and search for "ip camera" there are little white ones that are wireless and you can access them on your work pc or iphone or internet enabled phone. Also when you go onto the webi it has its own ip address like or something like it, but you can log into it, and adjust it as in move it left or right or up and down.

The only downside is it does'nt have auto focus so you have to focus it first - also it works in darkness as it is IR enabled

I got mine for approx £45 they are about £50 ish if you search thru ebay. if mine is up and running this weekend i will post the address and you can have a look see. i use it to keep an eye on my puppy thru the day

also the camera comes with a bracket for fixing to a wall - am unsure if it is waterproof tho
When you say "wire free" remember the camera needs power,and some of them eat batteries,especially if powering IR leds.
As said Evilbay will throw up something for you.
DVR recorders using SD cards will free up the laptop space.
I've nothing better today at the moment,so will have a look at Evilbay for you.

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