Wire Bridge near Steall Falls Glen Nevis

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I presume that many of you will be familiar with this well known bridge?


    One of my earliest memories is of camping near the bridge as a child, and being very impressed watching a couple of soldiers crossing it (in fact this might have been the first spark which encouraged me to join up later).

    Does anyone know how old the bridge is? Was it originally military? I know the Commandos trained nearby during WWII..... Are there any other bridges in the UK like this?

  2. Unable to find any history but would think it just for a cheap crossing to Steall hut for climbers and walkers. read about Mountaineering club of scotland improving access in the 30s. A beautiful part of the world, seeing the Spean bridge memorial reminds me reading about a norwegian special forces guy who trained in the area, his party piece was creeping up on a sleeping wild deer and cutting its throat as it slept, thats quote stealtjy

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  3. You could be right. I think the special forces bloke you're talking about was a Dane, Major Anders Lassen VC.
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  4. Was he Navy or LRDG or both, name rings a bell though

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  5. rampant

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  6. Be a good time to recommend Max Manus man of war, cracking film, maybe have to wait till SHE is out, its got subtitles, cracking Scottish scenery too

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  7. Cycled passed this at the back end of May, after coming round the Mamores from Kinlochleven. Where I noticed some of the wooden footbridges (much appreciated) on Glen Nevis were constructed by OTC groups.