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Very good, as usual, although not based round Sam Vimes, my favourite character. This is a continuation of the "Wee Free Men" and Hat Full of Sky" story line and has Weatherwax and Ogg doing their thing. Very funny, unputdownable.
Someone bought me a copy, spent all day reading it on Wednesday. I am now reading it again but a bit slower. Can't choose between His Grace and Granny as my favourite character.


Book Reviewer
The Tiffany Aching series has brought him back into form, after a dull patch (Monstrous Regiment?) and I can recommend this one completely. Very good indeed.
In NI at the moment nearly got the long haired CSM to agree a purchase, is it sale in the UK, the border is still OOB?
bought THUD today - will be waiting until the Wintersmith comes out in paperback I fear as hardbacks in English are SOOOOO expensive over here!! :cry:

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