winterfest= their turn now?

Now that we are over the nationalistic/racist celebration loosly based on pagan/christian beliefs winterfest (ie. christmas)
do we have to 'suffer' racist religious festivals like passover or ramadan? or are they going to be renamed/desecularised as well?
:roll: :?:
Errrrmm... what do you think?

Nuff said really isn't it...
without wishing to get carried away,
or seen as Alf Garnets right wing mate,
why do the indigenous citizens have to change their festivals name if the naturalized citizens do not?

pure query, not inflamatory racist rhetoric!
(been accused before)
I suspect the indigenous people of Britain who were peacefully practising their own religion probably said something similar when Christmas was imposed on them 1800 years ago ...................... :roll:

I wasn't aware that Christmas had reverted to its origins!

No seriously, I think whosaidthat has a good point here. It seems somewhat silly that we should have to drop all christian meaning from Christmas and wish people "Seasons Greetings" and "Happy Holidays" for fear of somehow offending non-christians. Then when the boot is on the other foot, you don't see anybody asking the Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc to change their religious festivals to avoid offending the majority of people in this predominantly christian country.

Speak to most Muslims and I'm sure that they couldn't give a fcuk what you decide to call your religious festival. It's the middle-class PC fcukwits who patronisingly decide what we should be thinking and doing.

Next time somebody suggests something PC to you, fling it back in their face and try to make them understand how stupid they are being.... When someone in our office (a white middle-class woman) complained that our Christmas Cards had dared to mention the word Christmas and that they should be changed to "Seasons Greetings" to avoid offending Muslims I asked if that would mean that my Muslim collegue wouldn't be wanting his 2 weeks off at christmas as he had already had 2 days off for the beggining and end of Ramadan.

Thought I was about to be sacked on the spot till my Muslim collegue started pissing himself laughing!!! Should have seen the look on the stupid bint's face.

...puts away soapbox :roll:
Oh yes... just to clarify, I'm an agnostic and no real fan of religion whatever the flavour... I just hate PC W*nkers :evil:
Being PC is the new black, apparently when people get their new kitchen fitted it comes with a new ultra PC upgrade to their previously normal system, forcing them to spend five minutes thinking how to phrase a sentence about their child's bed wetting problem so noone will think they're discriminating against their own kids. If they're happy not saying anything, then I'll happily piss the lot of the cnuts off by saying exactly what I think, poor blind wnakers.
What I find annoying is that PC is so often blamed on Equal Opportunities. Yet the same idiots that are spouting about offending their fellow workers have no idea what Equal opportunities is...

Your example of the Office...

Old biddy Office Manager "I would like you to send christmas cards with seasons greetings on rather than happy christmas"

Office Employee "Oh so what you really mean is that you do not want me to have the equal opportunity to celebrate my religious festival"

Old biddy Office Manager "No I just don't want to offend my Muslim colleague"

Office Employee "Well Ok but now I am offended that I cannot celebrate my religious festival and besides Ahmed is a muslim so why would he be offended by Christmas, I am sure he would be more offended if we banned him from celebrating ramadan"

The other faux pas of PC

Little Girl "Mum that man is black"

Mum "No that man is coloured"

Which is right and which is wrong?

I'll come back to that one later and let you post the answer.
There is a huge amount of over sensitivity being shown to people who are not Christians. I suspect this is as much a factor of ignorance of those non-Christians viewpoints and cultures as anything else. And, as usual, ignorance creates unnecessarily divisive situations. I bet old biddy office manager didn't check with her muslim colleagues whether they would be offended - she was being both idle and patronising not to do so. (why should she assume she knows how they will feel about Christmas cards?!)

I personally find aspects of Christmas (and Christianity) irritating and hypocritical, but I am very happy to receive Happy Christmas cards from my friends and family - after all, it is the positive message of Christmas that they mean to convey. They do not share my views (in the main) and I wouldn't want them to change theirs.
PC had a small point while ago along with Equal OPs and H&S unfortunatly
common sense isn't very common. Once met protesters complaining the TA would'nt take disabled people in :roll:
did'nt help matters that a PSI pointed out that a large section of this unit had mental handicaps :evil: the response was you can't say its learning difficulties :lol:
All hail pc bollaux restrained!
common sense is the only way ahead sometimes!
If you are 'less abled' you can't do the job!
equal pay for people who won't go to war?
didn't see many acess ramps in the balkans/sierra leone/gulf!

If you can't pass an interview in civi strasse do you claim descrimination?


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