Winter Weather Predictions for 2009 to Spring 2010.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. The Met Office has predicted a wet and mild winter this year. They also predicted a 'Barbeque Summer' which they got wrong. So should we expect the opposite of what the 'official' Met Office forecast for this winter might be

    The Opposite of a mild, wet winter is a cold, frosty one, with snow and wet windy weather with some periods of freezing, below average temperatures. Icy roads making driving, and travel hazzardous with all the usual ramifications.

    Local Councils have been caught out in recent years with a lack of winter salt and grit as a cosequence of the Met Offices long range forecasts being wrong. I don't appear to have seen any great preparations in the local council depots where I live in East Anglia area. The Eastern Counties tend to get any really wintery weather quite badly.

    Anyone one think differently, that the Met Office may be right about this years winter, or possibly totally wrong?

    Time to buy some new Winter Woolies, or remain with Autumn fashions throughout this years winter? :?
  2. We all know full well that the moment snow settles on the road everybody crashes, abandons their vehicles and walks home.
  3. Holy crap! While i love cold, frosty nights in front of a roaring fire and good old fashioned snowball fights, I hope we don't get ANY wintery type weather at all this year. ONE fekkin afternoon it snowed here last year and the whole county ground to a halt. It took me nearly 3 hours to get around Blandford on the bypass and about 86 pensioners all managed to fall over in the street at the same time! Bodies everywhere.... carnage it was! Snuffle.

  4. Stop bad mouthing the oldies. When pensioners fall over, it's not always due to the slippery state of the footpath. Mostly it is due to the long lunchtime spent in the boozer. I should know, I am one.

    Anyway, there is no snow where I live, just an occasional frost and on those mornings I send the dog out to get the paper....he does slobber all over it but it is better than me getting my feet cold. :wink:
  5. Does he fall over? :)
  6. only with drink

    Every year they say is is going to be a new ice age or roasting like hell. FFS we live in a temporate climate where it is mostly wet and damp with occassional frost and snow. It cant be that difficult to keep the traffic infrastructure going with a bit of thought.
  7. it only collapses in the south. up in the north we manage quite nicely whilst mocking the BBC's "OMG HOME COUNTIES" approach to reporting.
  8. Will it be cold at night in Belfast?
  9. wait till tropper comes on & he'll let us know
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    As long as Lucy Versamy keeps wearing those tight black skirts on Sky - I never notice the weather anyway...
  11. It will be cold and wet with occasional sunny days. Sometimes it will snow. Other days will be foggy. There will be sharp frosts, pavements will be icy and car windscreens will need scraping. Occasionally, it will be windy.

    The copyright for this winter's forecast is held by Any attempt to plagiarise it, reverse-engineer or quote it without including my name will be met by tears, quivering bottom lip and multiple stamping of my right foot.


  12. Last year they cancelled our survival skills weekend because of the nasty weather.
  13. I can offer this prediction; if a snowflake falls on the A30 on Bodmin Moor, the Corns will be in a mad panic, and supermarket shelves across the county will be emptied in minutes.

    You mark my words, me 'ansum.