Winter Warriors - Across Bosnia with the PBI

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Winter Warriors - Across Bosnia with the PBI.

    Has anyone else got a copy of this book yet? It says on amazon that its not out until Nov 30th but mine came in the post today. I've only read the first few chapters and its very good. Some excellent colour photos as well
  3. not that one - edited the post to clarify
  4. Don't be shy now :wink:
  5. Richard Holmes says its the best he's ever read
  6. The author turned up at Davies Street on sunday with a big bag of flyers to plug his book.

    Poor behaviour on Remembrance Sunday and I'd lay money he did not clear his commercial activities with the CSM/PSI.
  7. maybe it was the only time he could meet up with someone he knew? Maybe it was the CSM? If it was me I'd have done the same. Did you meet him and grill him? Were the Old & Bold ripping up the posters in disgust? Are you upset that an ex squaddie has written a book about an op? Bet you have a copy of Bravo Two Zero under your pillow - but that's ok though, he was a Jacket.

    Hang on, so is this author! Oh my God, what do you do now? Maybe the Londons will take you back - they love a whinger! :wink:
  8. TSO

    So you think its OK to hijack remembrance Day for your own commercial purposes: I don't.

    The author was never based at Davies Street but at G Company.

    Trust me, he was not there to see the CSM. Handed out some leaflets and trotted off. Not seen at the Church either, IIRC.

    I met him, said hello and that I remembered his face - he answered that he would give me a clue and handed me the flyer.

  9. If it was after the Rememberence ceremonies I can't see a problem. I think some people get caught up in some kind of hysteria over Rememberence Sunday as if it is blasphemy to do anything but stand around in a sombre mood all day. The crowd I was with were in very high spirits and glad to be around former comrades. Squaddies remember by bowing their heads then raising a glass after the parade.

    BB obviousely doesn't like this bloke but I think the book is a fine testiment to blokes who went to Bosnia. It can't be easy getting a book published nowadays, especially if your name isn't Katie Price/Jordan, Peter Andre, The Beckhams or one of those bl00dy annoying cooks! Hats off fella - well done.
  10. a very good book - I'm about a third of the way through and loving it. This has to be the best account of a tour I've read in a very long while.
  11. FWIW I have no problem at all with the Londons and continue to work with them.

    My thinking its a bit poor is not hysteria, its my opinion ( and the CSM / SPSI feel the same. The matter was not cleared with them. )

    I wish the author well with his book; he did the business in a nasty part of the world and if his book gives the public a better understanding of a) the Bosnia conflict, b) the privations of service life then thats to the good.

    Maybe ( if he looks in, or if anyone is in contact with him ) he should consider selling it via ARRSE at a mild discount?

  12. You might find its already at a discount on the Waterstones and Amazon web sites.
  13. There must be a thing with squaddies writing a book and those who didn't/can't slagging the book/author. Can't anyone be happy that a former soldier came back from ops and decided to tell the world about it?

    Personally I think writing about their story is the only way other squaddies who weren't there to learn how their comrades got on and for civvies to find out how hard we work so that they can sleep safe at night. Also it gives an insight into how we work and put up with all sorts of shite to get the job done.

    This book isn't a Special Forces "tell all & large it up" book, just a good story about a successful outcome to the war in Bosnia and its very well written.
  14. Much the same as there is a thing about people yapping on without taking the time actually to read the comments.

  15. Clown? Well, I've been called worse.

    My comment was general, not aimed at you. You must have a guilty conscience. I would like to read your comments after you have read the book. After all, someone has taken the time to post a thread about something that might interest members and not invite a slagging match.