Winter Vomitting Disease

Merry fucking Christmas indeed!

Went on the the lash Saturday night with a few mates. Woke up Sunday right as rain and went off to have a Ruby with my dad. Sunday night - no sleep, wrenching stomach pains and fizzy, fried egg flavoured burps, some vurps and a grand finale of multiple technicoloured yawns. Fucking awful - lasted all day Monday but felt fine Monday night and Tuesday day and evening (bit gassy though). Today has been awful though. More vurping and the fried egg burps have also started to go fizzy. With this bloody illness you really do take your life into your hands should you need to gruff, shat myself whilst on the phone earlier - all laughs and smiles until I damage assessed my undercrackers. :oops: Have since produced an unbelieveable amount of bum gravy and the slightest rumble in the trouser region instills me with mortal fear.

I was thinking that the curry was the source of my discomfort. Spoke to my oppos today and found that they are all suffering from the same ailment. All five of us have at sometime today shat ourselves - so be warned - if you get this bug, you're probably going to be scraping shit out of your keks at some point.

More details at

You have been warned! Anyone else had this problem yet?

Yours pitifully,
How do you catch it?

It is highly infectious.

1,By direct contact with vomit or diarrhoea e.g. when cleaning it up.
2,From someone who is ill, especially if personal hygiene is not good.
3,From the air around someone who has just vomited.
4,From contaminated food

So you have caught it from either playing with ya food after you had eaten it

2, From some Fez in the block

3, Being to close inspecting ya mates vomit, whilst looking for the carrots

or 4, Eating in the cook house

Glad i aint got it
Numero deux looks highly likely. Mates bird bought some of her mates along, both were filthy - and not in the good way 8O

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