Winter tyres

Always gone for the winter wheels option.

Its not a bfg requirement.

As for german law, not sure. Mrs reckons its good for the insurance if you have winter wheels.

There is a lot who do not bother with winter wheels and generally they are the ones in the verge on the road.
Great Escape, you don't need winter tyres to pass your BFG test but if you are involved in an accident in snow/ice and you haven't got them fitted, the GCP will automatically apportion blame 50/50, even if you were not actually at fault. They can also fine you if they stop you and you haven't got them fitted. If you are insured with a German firm check the small print - failure to fit winter tyres might invalidate your insurance. (The source of this info is the 2 Germans who work for me).

I fitted winter tyres for last winter and although expensive you notice a difference in grip; worth it for peace of mind.
skintboymike said:
how expensive are they (Roughly), I might get me a set
Winter wheels involve a big payout at first but all is not lost.

The choice out the is just about the same as normal tyres so its worth to shop around. I find ATU's (germany kwick fit) good fot tyres and the tax free option to.

You will also need to by rims to if you have alloys already fitted.

Although its may seem a big payout at first they can last up to 5 winters. (milage depending of course)

At the end of the day if the car is full of kids, how much would you pay for a safer ride?????????
When I was serving in Germany I purchased new winter tyres and rims from ATU they were very helpful and of course like its mentioned above you can get the tax off which is always a bonus. Also, if you find it too expensive to buy new ones, have a look in the Sixth Sense newspaper they always use to advertise winter tyres, especially this time of the year. Some of them may have only been used for a season and it’ll save you a fortune.
They are good to use and you will notice the difference, plus I believe your insurance might be invalid if you are involved in a traffic accident when using summer tyres.
Someone once mentioned to me that summer tyres are ineffective below 7 degrees, don’t know if that’s true or not, if it is then I suppose everyone in Britain would be running on them all year round (LOL).
According to TAAC, winter tyres are not mandated by law and so the GCP can't do anything if tyo don't have them fitted. However if you have an accident they will note what tyres you are using. Most german insurance companies will deduct 20% of your claim if winter tyres are not fitted Oct_mar.

Winter tyres are only fitted to steel wheels (the budget option on any car, alloys being the expensive upgrade) and the tyres were €25-45 in Praktiker last week depending on size. Come September October all the supermarkets/DIY stores stock them.
Thanks to all for the good advice, bought 4 winter tyres today from here in uk (as 3 of my summer tyres where below limit and MOT due). Cost me £70 each. But like you say what price do you put on your wife and kids (Well kids anyway, saw possible new wife in tyre shop )
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