Winter tyres in Germany - new law

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by doesitmatter, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. It is soon to become law in Germany that we all fit winter tyres to our vehicles.

    In Bavaria an extra allowance is given to compensate soldiers posted there. Will this now apply to the rest of Germany and will the RMP / BFG etc be checking us all to ensure we comply.

    :oops: If so then when please as I dont fancy a huge bill just before christmas!
  2. As of May this year, you can be fined between 20 – 40 Euros if your car is not suitably equipped for the prevailing weather conditions. You will certainly be fined if you are causing an obstruction. In extreme circumstances your insurance may be void if there is a case of “Gross negligence” i.e. driving on summer tyres in snowy mountainous regions (Bavaria).

    Winter tyres are not mandatory, however, not having them will be a consideration if you are involved in an accident or obstruction.

    Hope this helps
  3. And just how will this stand up to European free trade/movement rules. I travel to Germany several times a year, am I expected to have winter weather tyres fitted. If so can I claim against business expenses.
  4. The tax free car system is slowly being not the perk it once was

    Facture in the cost of tyres, lights, ferry if you pick car up in UK and we aren’t making the wonderful saving some dealers would have you believe.

    What perks will there be left in five years?
  5. You will not be there in 5 years!
  6. Do you think the Germans really care about wishy washy human rights law’s or H&S legislation (or for that matter the rest of Europe) if it impinges on their way of doing things.

    They take blood from drivers in all cases (with or without consent)

    They have many speed cameras and hide them in hedges, behind signs and don’t care if you can’t see them. Their attitude: you were speeding, you got caught, tough.

    They see winter road conditions as a safety matter. If you are not prepared, it’s your fault (pity the UK can’t take that attitude).

    You could always carry snow chains :D :D
  7. For some years now if you had a car accident in Germany and your car was insured by a German insurance company you would have no pay out if you had summer tyres on in the winter. It was always deemed your fault if you did not have winter tyres.

    I drove round in winter tyres all year round as they are the same as normal British tyres. The Germans put on summer tyres so they could travel faster and quieter on the motorways.

    In the mountains you had to have studded tyres or snow chains.
  8. That all sounds fair enough to me.

    I've driven in Bavaria in winter in both types and having experienced the difference I would always fit winter tyres now.
  9. :( Thanks guys, the winter tyres here are like Canada and a much softer compound than any normal UK tyres so as I seem to have made a mistake getting a car with big wheels it looks like I will be paying for both wheels and tyres for the winter at a cost of 920 euro with the tax off.

    Surely this will be something serious to at least consider when LOA is next reviewed and as we are under the same laws as those in Bavaria now then should't we also get the allowance?

    Cheers for all the input, still not looking forward to the bill.

    Remember this may have affected insurance claims in the past but it was not the law to pay and have them fitted in northern Germany 8O
  10. At the recent LOA presentation in JHQ (which I missed) there was something said about LOA being reviewed to reflect the cost of winter tyres. Anyone know anything more on this?
  11. Can't see it making a massive difference, my winter wheels only cost a couple of hundred euros, and they're bound to last about 4-5 years. Having said that, it's better in our pocket than in theirs.
  12. i think it was round about january or febuary that a note on this was attached to our unit orders. it said that if the law is introduced then loa will rise to reflect this, as what happens at the moment for those in bavaria. however as the german authorities have yet to come up with an official standard for winter tyres the law has not yet been brought in. could be interesting though for those who have already got what they think are winter tyres if they dont meet the official standard.
  13. Yes basically they said that if it does become law then the average cost of winter tyres will be broken down throughout the year, multplied by a figure that reflects the average car driven by that rank. (Sgt - Ford Mondeo, Pte- Ford Fiesta, Officer - Mercs, Tech Full Screws - Porches) and added to our daily LOA. Basically if winter tyres come in The brigadier gets a £20 a day increase in his LOA while the lads get 15p and nobody bothers to buy them (unless your in bavaria) because british tyres are all weather anyway and you dont need them to pass your BFG.
  14. I came back from Boshland in April, and heard of this before I left. We were told that UK tyres would be acceptable seeing as they are made for all seasons (Looked into it in a professional capacity, and seems pretty good intel). Have the Hun changed their minds, moved the goalposts or otherwise switched the light on and off again!!!???