Winter Tyre requirement in BFG

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by regular_imbiber, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Despite the yearly article about this appearing in Sixth Sense most people are still none the wiser about when to fit winter tyres or even if they absolutely have to.

    As it looks like we are doing again what we do best i.e out host-nationing the host-nation, I think I'll play safe and drive with winter tyres fitted all year round.
  2. I have no idea what the BFG office says on this, but it has just become German law to have them or all-weather tyres, fitted from October until Easter! So I would fit them anyway!
  3. The bit about "O bis O" is a myth..

    The law says "winterlichen Straßenverhältnissen" and doesn't mention any dates. You can still have snow and ice after Easter in some parts of the country.

    Mind you at only 40Euros fine if you ever get stopped it might just be cheaper to not bother. (I never said that :) )
  4. Are you sure? Like I say, the law has only just changed ref this, in the last month!...Also, it may only be 40€ if stopped, but if you have an accident, it will a nasty shock when your insurance just laughs at you!!
  5. The fine may only be 40 euro, but if you are in an RTC in wintery conditions, not only will your insurance be invalid but regardless of whether or not its your fault, you'll get the shaft for it. Which is why every German i know has a second set of wheels, with winter tyres on, in the corner of their garages. Stick all weathers on, can't go wrong
  6. It was actually changed last week - just in time for the snow (maybe I should head over to the conspiracy thread? :) )

    The new law still only says " Bei Schnee, Matsch oder Eis- und Reifglätte sind dann Reifen mit der Bezeichnung M+S vorgeschrieben" the only date mentioned is that this will come into force today.

    Anyway even if you do cause an accident or "Behinderung des Verkehrs" you will still only get fined 80Euros at worst and as for the insurance well - don't have an accident and you will be ok..

    For those that are a bit hard of thinking final sentence is what is known as humour and should not be taken all that seriously.
  7. Unluckily for most, the price for winter tyres plus rims has rocketed, due to demands in cheaper but just as good winter tyres, their stock has diminished.

    Only top of the range winters left on the shelf, with a top of the range price tag.

    A set of winters plus rims for a 04 Focus - 402 euros fitted and balanced. Last week they were at 234 euros on a cheaper tyre (Kumho)
  8. That will be 400 euros well spent if you intend to do much driving in Germany in the winter!
  9. €400 off an ever decreasing LOA, brilliant :-x
  10. If I am not mistaken O&O is a ballpark suggestion (sounds about right though). Insurance will have to pay if you cause 3rd party damages even if your car is deemed unfit (no M&S tires), however, the insurance can and will pursue you for negligence if your not properly equipped and may refuse to pay damage on your car.
    Below 7 degrees celsius summer tires (esp. Those with a high speeding index required by law in Germany) harden up and offer little or no grip on snow /ice. Narrow tires perform better in snow. Cost argument is not valid, changing tires will set you back 40-60EUR, changing rims 15EUR. Eight tires obviously will last you twice as long as four tires.
  11. "Changing" might only be a few euros but buying the things in the first place is what costs the money.

    Upwards of 400euro for 4 tyres you will only use for a couple of months is an expensive use of beer tokens.

    Before you type all the reasons why we should fit them. I know why (I live here permenantly) and have all weathers on all my vehicles.
  12. I agree with Papa Golf. All seasons tyres are legally acceptable and avoid the problem of when to change.
    As recognition of the current shortage of winter tyres, the GCP will not be looking too closely at what tyres you have. What is not available, and won't be for months, cannot be fitted. One bloke appeared on TV, he has been desparetly looking for winter tyres, a supplier told him that they would be available
    in March 2011!
  13. Normally, I use all-weather tyres to get round this problem and is less hassle!..Although, the lack of tyres shouldn't be an excuse - they all know Winter comes around every year and so, have time to get them!
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    You must be British.

    Against safe travel staying legal and avoiding the hassel - you could even use them in England.
  15. Buy winter tyres in Summer... loads cheaper.

    And it is more than recommended to purchase them.